Issue 42
Date of Issue:2014-03-24
current number
PRINT ISSN : 1346-5104
ONLINE ISSN : 2435-9041
Publisher : 広島大学学部・附属学校共同研究機構
Research and development of computer software to create word problems to promote children's individual development (VI) : Interactive environment for learning via problem posing for multiplication based on three usages of ratio
PP. 21 - 27
Development of clothing studies to rediscover the "Japan of Dyeing and Weaving" from Kimonos across the sea
PP. 29 - 38
Improvement of the Education for Sustainable Development curriculum in Hiroshima University's attached elementary school for globalization : Focusing on the Miyajima World Heritage Site.
PP. 39 - 48
Development of a next-generation curriculum for recognizing a society shifting to a post-nation state(Ⅰ) : A world history curriculum that creates a discourse about the underlying principle
PP. 49 - 56
Development of social studies lessons to make students recognize the structure of a nation and a society adapting to globalization : In three attached elementary schools
PP. 57 - 66
Curriculum development for fostering children's thinking skills regarding music(Ⅱ) : Focusing on music classes of the lower elementary school grades
PP. 67 - 76
P.E. class focused on linking learning from elementary to junior high school : Through establishing the swimming curriculum and the instructional methods
PP. 97 - 104
A study on mathematics lesson for developing competency of communication (2) : Activities for approaching to the essence of mathematics through group working
PP. 105 - 112
Enhancement and assessment of English academic ability and skills in elementary, junior, and senior high school : Goal setting and assessment in learning English from the viewpoint of CAN-DO statements
PP. 119 - 127
Concept formation on a sustainable and secure environment using the five senses icons
PP. 129 - 136
Development of teaching material to deepen the understanding of "Happiness, Justice, and Fairness" in civics : "Trans-Science" problem as a subject matter
PP. 137 - 144
The role of science education toward the knowledge-based society : Information utilization of children and students in research activities
PP. 145 - 153
Classes based on the new course of study : On coordination of the curriculum among elementary, junior, and senior high schools in learning traditional linguistic culture (3)
PP. 155 - 164
Fostering the ability to configure teaching materials in teacher training for home economics : Analysis of material conception that associates goods-making using the bandana with the contents related to family
PP. 165 - 174
Types of Messages to Outside Teachers from the Early Childhood Education and Care Conferences : Examination of the Possibilities of Network Construction with the Hiroshima University Attached Kindergarten and Neighboring Areas.
PP. 183 - 190
Development of teaching materials and their application to establish a sustainable society in "manufacturing education" : Enabling students to assess and apply technology for society
PP. 191 - 199
Safety education in school based on the report of the Central Education Council : The state of disaster prevention education in kindergarten, elementary school, and junior high schools
PP. 201 - 206
Classes based on the new course of study (2) : Bridging the gap between elementary school and junior high school
PP. 207 - 216
Lesson practices in home economics under the new Course of Study : The development of materials that stimulate questioning of life tasks
PP. 223 - 228
Social studies learning to develop students' international quality of legal thinking (1)
PP. 229 - 235
Animal-Assisted Education in Kindergarten : Mental growth through a relationship between an aged rabbit and children
PP. 249 - 256