Issue 45
Date of Issue:2017-03-31
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PRINT ISSN : 1346-5104
ONLINE ISSN : 2435-9041
Publisher : 広島大学学部・附属学校共同研究機構
The Effect of the Experiences in the Forest Kindergarten on the Motor Ability and Academic Ability of Schoolchildren from the Forest Kindergarten: Focusing on the Long-Term Effect
PP. 1 - 7
Potentiality of the Outdoor Activities Database in Early Childhood Education: How Can Practitioners Use the Research Results of Hiroshima University Kindergarten?
PP. 9 - 19
PP. 21 - 31
Lesson Program for Spatial Composition of “House” with Different Structural Methods by Third Graders of Primary School
PP. 43 - 51
A Study on Effective Support of Pre-service Teachers in Practice Teaching(2): Through the Analysis of Small-group Learning in Pre-service Teachers’ Mathematics Lessons
PP. 53 - 63
Conception of cooperation curriculum among elementary, junior high and high schools to promote the qualities and abilities of home economics: the common concept and the systematization of the learning contents
PP. 65 - 75
PP. 99 - 109
Investigation into Systematized Teaching Method Between a University and Attached School in Teacher Training for Teaching Technology.
PP. 111 - 121
A Examination about Course-specific Ability on the Subjects in the Course of Arts and Crafts and Arts.: Through the Visualization of Idea Processes.
PP. 123 - 133
Development of lesson plans to enable diversity and collaboration: Framing musical activities from the viewpoint of inclusive education
PP. 135 - 145
Review of global teacher lecture development training for the realization of symbiotic society: Taking into consideration the development of lessons in special support class and normal curriculum class can collaborate
PP. 157 - 167
PP. 169 - 174
Development of exchange activity with the student studying abroad to bring global human resources up (2): Focusing on intercultural understandings and identity as Japanese
PP. 175 - 184
Development of Materials for “Goal” Games Focused on “Movement without a Ball (Tactical Movement)”: Practical Study Conducted in the Classes of Middle and High Grades of an Elementary School and a Middle School
Nakayama Izumi Yuasa Rie Hino Mizuho Oue Teruaki Kihara Seichiro Osedo Kazuki
PP. 185 - 193
Study on the qualities and abilities of art and crafts that systematically grow in 12 years of childhood: Through an appreciation class by the active learning
PP. 203 - 213
Exploration of the Nature of Active Learning in Elementary School Science Class: Focussing on Learning-Problem Making and the Method of Interchange Between Groups
PP. 215 - 223
Consider the guidance of the way on radiation and health in kindergarten, elementary and junior high schools consistently: Efforts on radiation education based on viewpoints of health education and science education
PP. 225 - 235
The research of probability unit and curriculum with the intention to connect Elementary to Secondary School.: Through mathematical activities that recall probability concept
PP. 237 - 244
“Interactive Experiential Learning With Young Children” in Junior High School Home Economics courses: Developing and implementing a class model using active learning
PP. 245 - 255
Social studies in elementary and junior high consistency type to foster international qualities (2): The point of view of legal literacy
PP. 257 - 267
A study on curriculum development for indirect proof: understanding and constructing the process of proof by contradiction
PP. 281 - 287