Issue 43
Date of Issue:2015-03-26
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PRINT ISSN : 1346-5104
ONLINE ISSN : 2435-9041
Publisher : 広島大学学部・附属学校共同研究機構
PP. 35 - 42
A program of dietary education through boxed lunch related activities in kindergarten : Focusing on changing parents’ attitudes toward eating habits
PP. 43 - 51
PP. 53 - 60
Creating a Lesson for Elementary School Students about the “Safe Environment”
PP. 61 - 67
Research and development into computer software to create story problems to promote the individual development of children (VII) : The Creation of an Interactive Learning Environment to Pose Multiplication or Division Word Problems for Promoting the Understanding of Problem Structures and their Practical Use
PP. 87 - 94
On the enhancement and assessment of academic ability and skills in English in elementary, junior high, and senior high school : Goal setting and assessments for learning English from the viewpoint of “CAN-DO” statements (2)
PP. 103 - 112
Development of a Next-Generation Curriculum for Recognizing Societal Shift in a Post Nation-State (II) : Transformation of the High School Geography/History Department Curriculum Focusing on the Discourse of the Life-World
PP. 123 - 132
PP. 133 - 142
Developing a class on “global social learning” with a focus on culture : Employing cooperation of the three affiliated elementary schools
PP. 153 - 162
A study of training programs designed for teachers who provide education in a globalizing society : Lesson development and delivery based on the principles of inclusive teaching
PP. 163 - 172
Impact of Oral Health Awareness : A Pilot Study of an Exchange Program between International Dental Course Students and Elementary School Students
PP. 183 - 188
Curriculum development for fostering children’s thinking skills regarding music (III) : From the intercommunication of creative thinking to musical expression
PP. 189 - 198
PP. 199 - 206
A study of teachers’ “off-the-job” training at the attached junior high school : Aiming for the development of mathematics teachers
PP. 207 - 212
Development of activities related to feeling, thinking, and expressing : Connecting kindergartens to elementary schools through the formation of an environment fostering relationships
PP. 213 - 221
A study on the development of an adviser through guidance provided for teaching practice : Mechanisms for synergistic improvements in teaching practice between student teachers and advisers in kindergarten
PP. 223 - 230
Animal-Assisted Education in Kindergarten : Mental growth through the relationship between a rabbit and the children
Kimioka Tomochika Moriwaki Yuki Nakayama Fumiko Tanida Hajime Morimoto Mari Koba Yuki Iwamoto Aya
PP. 231 - 238
The development of a class that allows students to “understand” and “perform” exercises while allowing them to “utilize” the lessons learned : The creation of a systematic table for improving time and spatial cognition
PP. 239 - 246
Enhancement of Instruction and Assessment using Metacognition to Foster “Interest, Willingness, and Positive Attitudes toward Art,” with the Aid of the Taxonomy Table
PP. 247 - 256
A study of the ideals regarding healthy living and food taught in kindergarten, elementary school, and junior high school, including individual guidance for junior high students that utilizes the “life survey” and “meal record”
PP. 257 - 262
Fostering competence in the global disposition through social studies based on the legal mind (2)
PP. 263 - 272
A study on the development of learning tasks and assessment criteria to improve students’ scientific views in elementary and junior high school science : Focusing on the topic “earthquake disaster”
PP. 273 - 282
Research and Development into Lessons for Teaching Mathematical Proofs at Secondary School
PP. 283 - 288
The Development of Clothing Education : Investigation of Attractive Kimonos Exported in the Meiji Era in a Bid to Preserve the Culture of Dyeing and Weaving in Japan
PP. 289 - 298