Bulletin of the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Hiroshima University. Studies in education

ISSN : 2436-0333
Publisher : Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences,
Hiroshima University
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The Effects of Study Program on Students’ Interest in History and Use of Question Generation Strategy.
Urano Nobuhiro Fukaya Tatsushi
PP. 1 - 8
Relationship between School Music and Folk Music Culture (Part 3): Referring to Kodály’s Philosophy of Human Education
Gondo Atsuko Takahashi Michiko
PP. 9 - 18
Collaboration between Outside Experts and Teachers in Special Needs Schools for Physically Handicapped: Focusing on the Current Situation and Issues Perceived by Teachers
PP. 19 - 27
Learning Difficulties and Support for College Students with Visual Impairment in the People’s Republic of China: Effect of Students’ Use of Tablet Terminals in Lectures at Changchun University
Zhang Kaiqi Ujima Kazuhito
PP. 28 - 37
Geological Field Training Program to Understand the Geomorphic Development of the Saijo Basin Designed to Introduce Sciences Students to Field Methods: Azumako Waterfall
PP. 38 - 44
A Study of the Influence of Nodulation on the Formation of Granite Landforms
Yokota Aya Yoshidomi Kenichi
PP. 45 - 50
The Challenges of Addressing Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI)inclusion in the Japanese classroom
Kawaguchi Hiromi Oguri Yuki Murata Ichiro Shiraishi Ai Iwata Shotaro
PP. 51 - 60
Characteristics and Challenges of Methods of Correcting Epistemic Injustice in Social Studies Theories: A Case Study of Social Science, Social Formation, and Social Justice-Oriented Social Studies
Tanaka Ryouto
PP. 61 - 70
How Did High School Students Perceive “Democracy”?: The case of the high school Japanese history unit “Taisho Democracy”
Tamai Shinya Kato Kenji Miura Hiroyuki Kawaguchi Hiromi
PP. 71 - 80
Conditions and Constitute of the Reference Framework for Promoting Student’s Meta-cognition of Deliberation: Focusing on “Model of Public Policy Deliberation” developed by W.C. Parker
Nose Hikaru
PP. 81 - 90
Was Original Text of Fusaiji Edition(普済寺版) the Five Volumes of Mahayana Sutras(五部大乗経) Printed Based on the South Song Dynasty Edition of the Buddhist Canon(宋版一切経)?(2): Comparing text and kanji glyphs
PP. 91 - 100
The Relationship between High School Students’ Literary Argumentative Writing and Consciousness of Strategic Reading for Literary Texts.
Hayashi Issei
PP. 101 - 109
The Development of English Teaching Materials Based on a Comparison between the Original Literary Text and Its Retold Version: The case of Wuthering Heights by E. Brontë
PP. 110 - 118
A Study of the Effectiveness of Introducing Coordination Training on Physical Fitness in Junior High School: Focusing on the enjoyment of exercise and physical competence
Urata Yuriko Saito Kazuhiko
PP. 119 - 128
A Literature Review of Perceptions and Attitudes toward Education of Water Safety among Chinese College Students and University Swimming Teachers
Zhou Pengcheng Saito Kazuhiko Matsumoto Yusuke Ebina Waka
PP. 129 - 132
Reconsideration of Changes in Military Gymnastics in China: Based on the educational system reforms from 1900 to 1920
Ma Da
PP. 133 - 139
Investigation of the Usefulness of ICT-Based Class Evaluation by Learners
Matubara Kiminori Shibata Sachi Kaikiri Hiroko Tominaga Mihoko
PP. 140 - 146
Research on the Concept and Research Methods Related to Adolescents’ Family Perspectives: An Approach Using Life Career Theory
Watanabe Tokinari
PP. 147 - 154
Achievements and Challenges in Creating Mock Lessons as a Group in Music Teacher Training
PP. 155 - 161
DDR-Pädagogik als ein Gegenstand der erziehungswissenschaftlichen und bildungsgeschichtlichen Forschungen: Forschungstrends in Deutschland seit den 2010er Jahren
PP. 162 - 169
A Study of Tuition-Free Policy for Public Universities and Colleges in the United States: Focusing on New York State
PP. 170 - 179
Zur Hodegetik als Disziplin der Führung
PP. 180 - 189
Conditions for “Local Study to Encourage Wide Area Communication” in Higashihiroshima City: Referring to the 5 Pillars in The Council of Europe Model for Digital Competence Development
Kawamoto Yoshitaro Yoshida Juntaro Morozumi Ryohei Tanaka Ryouto Kusahara Kazuhiro
PP. 190 - 199
High School Education System and Policy Trends Concerning "School Commuting / Non School Commuting": Promotion of "School Commuting" and Differences in the Use of ICT between Courses
Kawamoto Yoshitaro
PP. 200 - 209
The Process of Entering Key Senior High Schools for Lower Class Students in China: Focus on the influence of family factors and school life
Bao Wanrong
PP. 210 - 219
Why was Mr. B able to continue working as a special education teacher until retirement?: An analysis using trajectory equifinality modeling
Li Ruimiao Omichi Kaori Kato Nozomi Maeda Hiroko Wakamatsu Misa Kamikawa Taeko Nakatsubo Fuminori
PP. 220 - 227
PP. 228 - 236
Phonological Retention and Semantic Processing during Dictation of Japanese Sentences in an Intermediate Class of Chinese Students Learning Japanese: An experimental study of setting working memory capacity and phonological short-term memory capacity
Shao Yuncai Matsumi Norio
PP. 237 - 246
A Situation Model of Narrative Comprehension by Native Speakers of Japanese: An experimental study using the contradiction detection method and the dot tasks
Tang Ran Matsumi Norio
PP. 247 - 256
The Role of Local Religious Organizations in the Establishment of Schools in Uganda: A Case Study of Secondary School in Kassanda District
Yokoyama Honoka
PP. 287 - 295
Review of Research on Classroom Culture and Values in Japanese Language Teaching Abroad: Focus on the beliefs about learning, teachers, and classes
PP. 306 - 315
A Qualitative Study of Novice Health and Physical Education Teachers' Concerns about Health Classes in Light of the Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic
Matsumoto Yusuke Shiraishi Tomoya
PP. 316 - 325
How to Research Civic Engagement in Young Children?: Building a Context-Based Learning Theory by J. Hauver
Ono Sota Tatara Yusuke Sako Yuka Liu Xu Goto Ibuki
PP. 326 - 335
The Perspective of Human Development on Handwriting Education and Brain Science
Kawahara Jun
PP. 344 - 353
How has National Identity been Discussed in Social Studies Research?: Focusing on respect for cultural diversity and national integration
Morozumi Ryohei
PP. 354 - 360
The Awareness among Chinese Mothers and Daughters about Wearing Bras
Zhuang Lili
PP. 361 - 370
The Current Status and Issues Related to Private Food Education Activities in China: Teacher Training Activities for ‘A Yummy Curriculum’
Zhang XiaoLing
PP. 371 - 380
Entwicklung und Einzigartigkeit der Korczak-Pädagogik in Deutschland: Schwerpunkt auf der Rezeption des Konzept „szacunek“
Matsuura Asuka
PP. 381 - 390
Development and Effectiveness Study of a Depression Prevention Program Focusing on Self-compassion for Nursing Students
Tanabe Sayaka
PP. 391 - 399
The Role of Cross-modal Binding in Reading Kanji by Native Japanese Children
Oda Mami
PP. 400 - 408
The Relationship between Early Childhood Education and Care Teachers' Cognition and Childcare Practices for Externalizing Problems of Children: Cluster analysis of ECEC methods
Hamada Shoko
PP. 409 - 418