Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part 3, Education and human science
Issue 58
Date of Issue:2009-12-25
current number
ISSN : 1346-5562
Publisher : Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University
School-based Management and School Councils/School Evaluation Systems in Public Senior High Schools : Focusing on an Analysis of a National Survey for School Principals
PP. 1 - 8
Effect of Class Size and Teaching Methods on Pupil's Academic Achievement : Application of Structural Equation Models and Multilevel Models
Yamasaki Hirotoshi Fujii Nobuaki Mizuno Ko
PP. 9 - 16
The Living in Kyoto Life of Shinto Priests during the Late Edo Period
Suzuki Rie
PP. 17 - 26
The Significance and the Problems of Student Surveys at "Border-Free University"
PP. 27 - 35
Entwicklung und Evaluation der Schulcurriculum : Auf Grund des Nachdenkens von Zeitschrift "Curriculum"
PP. 37 - 46
A Consideration of University-Industry Collaboration in China Universities : Focusing on listed university-managed enterprises
Han Shuquan
PP. 47 - 53
The Policy of Higher Education and University Reform : Through the attempt by "Ed.D. Program" in Hiroshima University
Ohashi Takahiro Ueno Tetsu
PP. 55 - 64
A Study on In-service Training Systems for Kindergarten Teachers in Modern China : Focusing on the Analysis of Continuing Education Regulation for Primary and Secondary School Teachers in 1999
He Jing Yu
PP. 65 - 72
Das Prinzip der Klasseneinteilung in der herbartianischen Didaktik
Kumai Shota
PP. 73 - 80
"Post-Standardisierung" in Bildung : Streitpunkt und Möglichkeit
Higuchi Yusuke
PP. 81 - 87
A Study of Dynamic Assessment as a Support for Development
Hirata Tomomi
PP. 89 - 96
Variability of the Language Games of Expressing Sensations : Focusing on Wittgenstein's "Private Language" Argument
Hirata Yoshitsugu
PP. 97 - 106
A Study on Trend in Case Laws on Teacher Evaluation System in the United States : In focusing on the case laws after 1970's
Fujimura Yuko
PP. 107 - 116
The Survey of Regional Private University Students' Ideas about Being Employed
Fujimoto Kana
PP. 117 - 124
Study on Design of the Class by Linguistic Approach : As a clue to Halliday's functional grammar
Yagi Hidefumi
PP. 125 - 130
A Review of Researches about Interactions of Developmental Disordered Children in Classrooms : Present situations and tasks
Yoshizawa Maho
PP. 131 - 137
Career Awareness and Desired Educational Statuses of High School Students
Maeda Kenichi Niimi Naoko Kato Toshiaki
PP. 139 - 144
Formal and Informal Normative Beliefs Regarding Purchasing and Using Condoms
Higuchi Masataka Nakamura Nanako
PP. 145 - 149
A Review about the Conceptual Structure of the Idea of Motherhood : By Using of the Idea of Motherhood Questionnaire, Inventory of Sex-Role Orientation and DSQ42
Matsushita Himeka Murakami Tomomi
PP. 151 - 158
Relation between Experiences of Bereavement, Images of Death and Attitudes toward Death
Matsushita Himeka Ogata Aya
PP. 159 - 168
Investigation of Social Skills Associated with Social Support Providing in Japanese University Students
Hori Masashi
PP. 169 - 176
Effect of Environmental Context on False Recognition Using DRM Paradigm
Yamada Kyoko
PP. 177 - 182
A Research of School Adaptation, Parent-child Relationship and Community Participation among Japanese-Brazilian Living in Japan : Comparative Study with Japanese
Tanibuchi Shinya
PP. 183 - 192
The Moderating Effect of Relationships on Triggered Displaced Aggression Towards Low-Status Targets
Tanno Syota
PP. 193 - 198
A Brief Review of the Event-related Potential Studies on Harmony Processing
PP. 199 - 205
A Review and Considerations of Studies on Psychosocial Tasks in the Elderly
Fukase Yuko Okamoto Yuko
PP. 207 - 213
An Analysis on the Identity Crisis, Typology and Developmental Process in Mothers of Children with Severe Motor and Intellectual Disabilities
Maemori Hitomi
PP. 215 - 224
Differences in English Words Repetition by Japanese and Chinese Preschoolers : Effects of Syllable Segmentation
Li Sixian
PP. 225 - 230
Children's Self-cognition and Friendship : Friendship choice and social comparison
Watanabe Daisuke
PP. 231 - 238
A Study on the Assessment of Early Childhood Education and Care in New Zealand : Focus on the Learning Story
Iino Yuki
PP. 245 - 251
A Swedish Study on 'Flexible School Start' : From a Consideration of Enactment Process and Background
Ohno Ayumi Nanakida Atsushi
PP. 253 - 260
The Actual Situations and Problems of Early Childhood Regular Classroom Integration of Rural Erea in China : The middle to Tumen-city, Kitsurin-province
Zhao Jingyu
PP. 261 - 265
A Study on the Shared Storybook Reading with Children with Disability : Effect of differences of storybook on storybook reading
Manabe Ken Sato Chie
PP. 267 - 273
The Treatment of Honors Student and the Framework : To Foster the New Elite/Leader
Kitagaki Ikuo
PP. 275 - 282
La réforme de du système de formation doctorale en France : Le développement des écoles doctorales et l'introduction du LMD
PP. 283 - 292
The Structure of Decision-making of Students for Transfer in Short-cycle Higher Education
Ogata Naoyuki Tateishi Shinji
PP. 293 - 300