Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part 3, Education and human science
Issue 56
Date of Issue:2007-12-28
current number
ISSN : 1346-5562
Publisher : Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University
Re-examination of the Scheme for Lifelong University System in Higashihiroshima City
PP. 1 - 9
The Strategies for University-Community Partnership in the United States
Koike Gengo Sasaki Yasutaka Amano Kaori
PP. 11 - 19
A Consideration on Instructional Research from the Perspective of Linguistics
Nakano Kazumitsu
PP. 21 - 26
Highlander Folk School and the Southern Labor Movement in the United States : Focusing on its relationship with CIO(Congress of Industrial Organizations)
Fujimura Yoshimi
PP. 27 - 33
Wissenschaftstheoretischer Überblick über pädagogische Forschungsperspektiven : Ein Versuch zur inhaltlichen Anreicherung des Grundwissens für die Lehrerbildung
Urabe Masashi
PP. 35 - 42
Significances of Primary and Secondary Teachers' Personnel Administration Reform in Thailand : Focus on changes in teachers' responsibilities and salary
PP. 43 - 50
International Student Expectations on International Student Advisers' Competence : Through questionnaires survey
Pan Jianxiu
PP. 51 - 59
Reinforcing Control on School Choice in Belgium
Kanai Yumiko
PP. 61 - 68
Research of Mental Health of Teachers in rural China : Measuring with "SCL-90"
Lv Guangzhu
PP. 69 - 77
A Study of the Academic Marketplace in Chinese Research Universities : Cases of physics and philosophy
Jiang Li
PP. 79 - 86
The Characteristics and Subjects of the On-the-Job Training System for Kindergarten Teachers in China : An analysis on the policies of kindergarten headmaster training
He Jingyu
PP. 87 - 91
The Study of Public Schools Accountability Act in California : Characteristics and Issues of School Improvement System
Sakai Kensaku
PP. 93 - 99
Formation Process of Belief that Supports a Nursery Teacher's Growth : The life history of a nursery teacher
Yoshioka Kazushi
PP. 101 - 108
Curriculum Change from Life-History by the Teacher
Ohashi Takahiro
PP. 109 - 115
A Consideration about Acceptance of the American Curriculum Studies in West Germany : Centering on 1970's
Higuchi Yusuke
PP. 117 - 123
Die Entwicklung der Didaktik-Forschung in der DDR und der Aufgabe der Nachfolge nach der deutsch-deutschen Vereinigung : Auf Grund der Darstellung von Fuhrmann, E.
PP. 125 - 133
A Study of Dynamic Assessment in the Classroom : Focusing on "quantity per unit volume" in mathematics for six graders
Hirata Tomomi
PP. 135 - 142
Überlegung über die Projektwochen in Deutschland
Watanabe Maiko
PP. 143 - 151
Phonological Awareness of English among Young Japanese Children : Learning methods of English suitable for young Japanese children
PP. 153 - 160
A Qualitative Study on "Weak" Friendships among Contemporary Adolescents
Matsushita Himeka Yoshida Fuyuki
PP. 161 - 169
Reexamination of Rogers' Concept of Empathy from the Viewpoint of Hoffman's Concept of Role-taking
Matsushita Himeka Matsuo Yoshikazu
PP. 171 - 180
The Influences of the Observation Practices of Classes upon the Skills of Making the Learning Materials
Fujiki Daisuke Chujo Kazumitsu Isozaki Tetsuo Yoneda Norio
PP. 181 - 188
A Review and Some Considerations of Studies on Perspectives, Directions and Psychological Support for Mothers of Children with Severe Motor and Intellectual Disabilities
Maemori Hitomi Okamoto Yuko
PP. 189 - 198
A Review and Some Considerations on Researches of Identity on Adolescence from View Points of "Individual" and "Relatedness"
Yamada Miki Okamoto Yuko
PP. 199 - 206
Relation between Eating Disorder Tendency and Family Relationships in Adolescence : Quantitative Analysis of EDI-91 and Kinetic Family Drawings
Okuda Satomi
PP. 207 - 216
The Effects of Time Pressure on Sequential Effects in Simon Task.
Shiraishi Maiko
PP. 217 - 225
Distributing Working Memory Resources and the Use of External Representations on Problem Solving
Otsuka Kazunori Miyatani Makoto
PP. 227 - 235
Unfamiliar Face Recognition Process in 6-year Old Children : Consideration for influence of clothing
Oyama Makiko
PP. 237 - 243
Influences of the Native Language on Young Children's Learning a Second Language : Phonological awareness in Chinese children
PP. 245 - 252
Identity Style and Basic Skills for Career Development of University Students
Niimi Naoko Maeda Kenichi Etchu Koji Matsuda Yukiko Tanno Syota
PP. 253 - 261
Relationship between Career Decisions and School Adjustment of Japanese-Brazilian Parents and Their Children Living in Japan : Comparative Study of Three Schools in Two Regions
Sugioka Masanori
PP. 263 - 272
A Study on Solution-Focused Skills in Career Counseling with University Students
Kurita Tomomi
PP. 273 - 282
Development of a Stress Management Program for University Students : Intervention for Cognitive Appraisal
Hori Masashi
PP. 283 - 292
Classroom-Based Social Skills Training for Junior High School Students:Comparison between Skill-Increased and Skill-Decreased Subgroups
Emura Rina
PP. 293 - 302
Factors Influencing Environment Conscious Behavioral Intentions of University Students : A Study on the Model Regarding Environment-conscious Behaviors and Those Determinants
Tsukawaki Ryota Tozuka Tadashi Takamoto Yukiko Kojima Nanae Higuchi Masataka Fukada Hiromi
PP. 303 - 307
Influencing Factors of Environment-Conscious Behavioral Intentions of University Students : Comparison of Three Models
Takamoto Yukiko Tozuka Tadashi Tsukawaki Ryota Kojima Nanae Higuchi Masataka Fukada Hiromi
PP. 309 - 318
Effects of Motive and Purpose on Preschoolers' Judgments about Aggressive Behavior
Etchu Koji Niimi Naoko Tanno Syota Matsuda Yukiko Maeda Kenta
PP. 319 - 323
The Research of Early Childhood Educator's Reading Literacy : Choice of picture-book to read a child
Matsui Gota Sato Chie Uemura Masao
PP. 325 - 332
Research on Kindergarten Teacher's Belief System
Sato Tomoe Nanakida Atsushi
PP. 333 - 339
Progress Comparison in the Movement Skills Development of Young Children : The evaluation that used Movement Skills Test Battery(MSTB)
Tanaka Saori
PP. 341 - 347
Young Children's Source Monitoring Ability
Kondo Aya
PP. 349 - 356