Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part 3, Education and human science
Issue 67
Date of Issue:2018-12-21
current number
ISSN : 1346-5562
Publisher : Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University
Teacher Outflow from Compulsory Education in Rural China
Ogawa Yoshikazu Zou Wenqian
PP. 1 - 8
Deciphering Japanese Early Childhood Education and Care from the Viewpoint of the Reggio Emilia Approach: Focusing on Young Children’s Subjectivity and Teachers’ Involvement
PP. 9 - 16
Adult Education for the Residents of Apartment Buildings and Social Surveys in the High Growth Period: The Attention to the Formation of Groups and Cooperativity of Urban Residents
PP. 17 - 26
Une étude sur l’évolution de l’éducation artistique en France: la relation entre la politique de l’éducation artistique et la polotique de la Culture
Ogasawara Fumi
PP. 37 - 46
A Study of Concepts of Professionalism and Competency in Teacher Education
PP. 47 - 55
Why is the Temporary Childcare System Difficult for Japanese Parents to Use for Parental Relief?
Kato Nozomi Nakatsubo Fuminori
PP. 57 - 64
Conscientization in Life Guidance Studies
Sato Yuichiro
PP. 65 - 70
Possibilities and Issues of the Ainu Cultural Studies in Hokkaido: From the point of view of ESD
PP. 71 - 79
Future Education Choices for High School Students in Shandong Province, China
Zhang Qingyi
PP. 81 - 90
Inclusive Education in Early Childhood Education
Tsukuba Koei Nanakida Atsushi
PP. 91 - 98
Possibility of and Issues Involved in Auto-Ethnography Research on Early Childhood Education and Care
Hamana Kiyoshi
PP. 99 - 108
Classroom Management in Germany
Hayakawa Tomohiro
PP. 109 - 115
Individual Support and The Lesson Planning based on the Children’s Cognitions: Kyozaikenkyuu for encouraging children’s collaborative learning in 7-grade Mathematics
Matsuo Nami
PP. 117 - 125
Der Entwurf und Realisierungsprozess des Lehrer-Weiterbildungsprogramms Wilhelm von Humboldts: Fokussiert auf die Entsendung Ksionzeks nach Yverdun
Miyamoto Yuichi
PP. 127 - 136
The Relationship between Warabe-uta and Infant Social Development: Practical Suggestions for Infant Childcare
Motooka Mihoko
PP. 137 - 143
Research on the Reform of China’s Compulsory Education Funds Guarantee System
Li Yinan
PP. 155 - 161
The Mental Transformation of Bereaved Crime Victims Involved in Social Activities: Focusing on bereaved crime victims faced with completing social activities
Ota Misato
PP. 163 - 170
Perception, Speech, and Learning English by Native Japanese Speakers
Oda Mami Yuzawa Masamichi
PP. 171 - 178
The Longitudinal Effects of Repetitive Thought Processing Modes on Avoidance Behavior
Kambara Kohei
PP. 179 - 185
The Relationship Between the Yutori Scales for Mind and for University Students
Kobayashi Ryota Miyatani Makoto Nakao Takasi
PP. 187 - 192
Effects of Dual-Task on the Failed Retrieval Effect
Tanaka Saeko
PP. 193 - 200
The Relationship Between Test Anxiety, Working Memory and Expressive Writing Interventions
Noritake Yoshihide Yuzawa Masamichi
PP. 201 - 209
The Effects of Valence and Arousal on Recognition Memory for Auditory Stimuli
Yang Wanlu
PP. 211 - 217
Policy Evaluation of Private University Reform: Applying for Type 1 Status
Matsumiya Shinji
PP. 227 - 234
Changing Professional Image of Physical Therapists in the Process of Constructing Training System
Mikami Ryo
PP. 235 - 244
Content Analysis of Syllabi in Career Education Subjects: Text-Mining Approach
Miyata Hirokazu
PP. 245 - 252