Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part 3, Education and human science
Issue 59
Date of Issue:2010-12-24
current number
ISSN : 1346-5562
Publisher : Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University
The Design of Community Education for Multicultural Society Building
Koike Gengo Amano Kaori
PP. 1 - 9
Lehrplan- und Unterrichtsreform durch die Kompetenzmodelle? : Perspektive der Länderübergreifenden Rahmenlehrplänen in Berlin
PP. 11 - 20
Wittgenstein Philosophy and a Theory of Language Acquisition : Examining the concept of joint attention
Hirata Yoshitsugu
PP. 21 - 28
PP. 29 - 37
A Study on Campe's Editing Process of Revisionswerk
Shiozu Hideki
PP. 39 - 46
Study on Mongolian High School Current Status of Budgeting and Some Limitations
Ariunjargal Lkhagva
PP. 47 - 54
A Study on Teacher Evaluation System in the United States : In focusing on the Quality Compensation Program
Fujimura Yuko
PP. 55 - 64
Career Awareness and Identity Style of High School and Undergraduate Students
Maeda Kenichi Niimi Naoko
PP. 65 - 73
Event-Related Brain Potentials in Go/No-Go Tasks with Processing of Facial Expressions
Miyatani Makoto Eto Moe Hara Kozue Nashiwa Hitomi Tokunaga Satoko
PP. 75 - 81
Relationship Between the Psychological Attitude Toward Fantasy and Flow Experience, and Mental Health
Matsushita Himeka Murakami Ami
PP. 83 - 92
Study on the General Concept and Nature of Egorrhea Experiences : Trial for Development of an Egorrhea-experience Questionnaire
Matsushita Himeka Miyanari Yusuke
PP. 93 - 102
Weapon Focus Effect on Eyewitness Testimony
Yamada Kyoko Chujo Kazumitsu
PP. 103 - 107
Effects of Situational Dimensions on the Use of Compliance-resisting Strategies
Imura Tomoya Fukada Hiromi Higuchi Masataka
PP. 109 - 118
How Do Patients with Alzheimer's Disease and Family Members Experience Memory Impairments?
Arai Sawako Katayama Sadao Kodama Kenichi
PP. 119 - 128
The Effects of Gaze Direction in Visual Search for Facial Expressions
Tokunaga Satoko
PP. 129 - 136
A Review and Considerations of Studies on Narcissistic Vulnerability on Adolescence
Koya Mayumi Okamoto Yuko
PP. 137 - 143
Process of Maintaining Generativity from Middle to Old Age
Fukase Yuko Okamoto Yuko
PP. 145 - 152
The Study of Understanding a Child through "Episodic Recording Method" : Focusing on the relation of contents of childcare "Language"
Okahana Kiichiro
PP. 153 - 159
Research on the Child Care Worker's Consideration to Young Children's Physical Activity
Tanaka Saori
PP. 161 - 166
A Study of the Interaction between a Child and Nature in the Forest Kindergarten Curriculum : The process of a child's change through his involvement with others
Nakanishi Sayaka Nakatsubo Fuminori Sakai Aiichiro
PP. 167 - 174
L'université et l'économie de la connaissance : La réforme de la formation post-licence en France
PP. 175 - 184