Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. Ⅲ, Education and Human Science
Issue 52
Date of Issue:2004-03-28
current number
ISSN : 1346-5562
Publisher : Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University
Management of Teacher Education (1) : Teacher education for meeting the reform of school organization
Okato Toshitaka
PP. 1 - 10
Institutionalization of "the Third Function" in Japanese Universities (2)
Koike Gengo Amano Kaori Shishida Manami
PP. 11 - 20
Some WTO/GATS Issues of Free Trade of Higher Education Service
Ninomiya Akira
PP. 21 - 28
The Characteristics of Excellent International Students in Japan
Ninomiya Akira Shimomura Tomoko
PP. 29 - 34
A Study of Knowledge Management Theory in School : The "Knowledge-Creating School Theory" by David H. Hargreaves
Oda Yasuyuki
PP. 35 - 43
A study on the Occupational Standards Approach to Headteachers' Competence
Kanagawa Makiko
PP. 45 - 54
A study on governors' ledership in performing local educational administration : Focus on municipal governors' leadership (1)
Nakata Tsukao
PP. 55 - 62
A Study on the Social Changes and Higher Education Policy in China
Guo Rentian
PP. 63 - 68
The Organization of Aguricultural Extension in the College of Agriculture at Cornell University
Sasaki Yasutaka
PP. 69 - 77
A Study on the Experiment and Practice in Hiroshima Higher Technical School during the Interwar Period
Sakai Makoto
PP. 79 - 85
About the training of the secondary physical teachers expanding on Ren-Mao School System Time : Focusing on East-South University and Beijing Normal University
Shang Dapeng
PP. 87 - 95
A Study on German School Report from the Perspective of System Theory
Urabe Masashi
PP. 97 - 103
A Study on Accreditation of Teacher Education in the United States : The Recent Policies of National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE)
PP. 105 - 113
An Analysis on Moral Education Curriculum in Vietnam
Deguchi Mayumi
PP. 115 - 122
Constructivism and the new education (Reformpädagogik)
Takaki Akira
PP. 145 - 150
Local Work of the Workers' Educational Association in the early 20th Century in England : The Establishment and Activities of the Association for the Advancement of the Higher Education of the Working Class in Reading
Doi Takako
PP. 151 - 160
Employment System for the College Graduates in China during Planned Economy Period
Chen Rui Juan
PP. 161 - 167
A review of clinical psychological studies on psychosocial aspects of advances in medical technology
Kodama Kenichi Uchino Teiji Isobe Noriko
PP. 171 - 178
Effects of justification and legitimacy of obstruction to freedom on psychological reactance
PP. 179 - 188
Effects of justification of obstruction to freedom and characteristics of the threat on psychological reactance
Fukada Hiromi Tozuka Tadashi Kodama Makiko
PP. 189 - 197
A developmental study of violence-related problematic behaviors (5)
Maeda Kenichi Chujo Kazumitsu Yamaguchi Shuji Nakamura Tami
PP. 199 - 204
PP. 205 - 213
An experimental paradigm for the processing of phonological assembly in the Japanese language
Kawahara Jun-ichiro Tamaoka Katsuo Maruishi Masaharu Muranaka Hiroyuki
PP. 215 - 218
The effect of working memory load on event-related brain potentials during lexical decision task
Nakao Mizuki Takezawa Tomohiro Nakao Takashi
PP. 219 - 225
Review of research of development women as mother : Conflict of parenting as a factor for development
Inoue Kayoko
PP. 227 - 230
Effects of coping for disease-related stressors on stress responses in adolescent patients with nephrotic syndrome
Hiraga Kentaro
PP. 231 - 237
Sentence comprehension as conceptual combination processes
Fujiki Daisuke Chujo Kazumitsu
PP. 239 - 245
The utility and limitation of brain function imaging technique on infant (2)
Kondou Takeo Hashimoto Yukari Toshima Tamotsu
PP. 247 - 251
Children's experience of anger toward their parents and anger expression
Isobe Miyoshi Nakamura Tami Emura Rina
PP. 253 - 258
Schoolwide social skills training in junior high school
Kanayama Motoharu Nakadai Sakiko Niimi Naoko Saito Yuri Maeda Kenichi
PP. 259 - 266
The survey of the needs for social skills education of elementary and junior high school teachers, and junior high school students
Nakadai Sakiko Kanayama Motoharu Saito Yuri Niimi Naoko
PP. 267 - 271
Contribution of phonemic representation in long-term memory to phonemic perception of nonspeech soundss
Takayama Tomoyuki
PP. 273 - 281
A review of researches on the error-related and cognitive control processes
Takezawa Tomohiro Miyatani Makoto
PP. 283 - 290
PP. 291 - 296
Development of naive personality perception
Hayashi Tomoyuki
PP. 297 - 303
How are adolescents' friendships related with self-acceptance and social skill?
Hirozane Yuko
PP. 305 - 310
The utility and limitation of brain function imaging technique on infant (1)
Hashimoto Yukari Kondou Takeo Toshima Tamotsu
PP. 311 - 315
The development of Playcentre movement in New Zealand : Its philosophy and education for children
PP. 317 - 323
The process of change of infant-nursery school teacher attachment : An examination on the validity of quantitative data comparing with qualitative data
Ueda Nao
PP. 333 - 338
On validity of concepts on inhibitation theory
Shibasaki Yoshinori
PP. 339 - 344
apology-forgiveness script of 6-year-old children in an interpersonal conflict situation
Nakagawa Miwa
PP. 345 - 353
The change of the dependency structure in a kindergarten
Wakabayashi Sumino
PP. 355 - 361
The correlation between self-regulation and self-actualization
Kusumoto Chisato Ito Junko Yamazaki Akira
PP. 363 - 369
Un échec en premier cycle universitaire et des mesures prises en faveur des étudiants en difficulté en France
PP. 371 - 380