Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part 3, Education and human science
Issue 62
Date of Issue:2013-12-20
current number
ISSN : 1346-5562
Publisher : Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University
The Present Status and the Tasks of Municipal Boards of Education System : Focusing on an Analysis of a National Survey for Municipal Heads
PP. 1 - 10
Changing Supply Structure of School Teachers in the 2010's : Different response between national and private education colleges
PP. 11 - 20
The Movement of Life Improvement by Shotai-no-Kai : The Adult Education Projects Supported by the Administration of Commerce and Industry in the Taisho Era
PP. 21 - 30
PP. 31 - 39
A Study on the Differences of Expenses for High School Education among Prefectures
Kobayakawa Tomomi
PP. 41 - 48
The Changes of "Work Education" Idea in the Educational Philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi : The changes from the education in his ashrams to the national education in India
PP. 49 - 58
Recent Expansion of Career Education into Higher Level and Concerning Issues in China : A Case Study of Shandong
Gao Jing
PP. 59 - 68
Study on Institutional Support of Practice of Case Method Education : Cases at Harvard Business School and Keio Business School
Takeuchi Shinichi
PP. 69 - 78
Collaboration between Clinical Psychologists and Community-based Self-help Groups for Cancer Survivors
Kodama Kenichi Huang Zhengguo Iwata Naohiro Arai Sawako
PP. 79 - 87
Which Person is Important to Relational Identity in Japanese University Students? : Examining associations between identity processes and personality, psychosocial problems, and parent-adolescent relationships for different selected persons
Sugimura Kazumi Hatano Kai Tokuoka Masaru Nishida Wakaba Sato Yuki Hokii Takafumi
PP. 89 - 97
Research Paradigm of Displaced Aggression
Tanno Syota
PP. 99 - 104
The Relations among Evaluation of Supportive Functions of Community-based Self-help Groups for Cancer Survivors, Benefit Finding and Mental Health
Huang Zhengguo Arai Sawako コダマ ケンイチ
PP. 105 - 114
Study of Psychological Experiences and Inner Mother-Child Relationships and Sibling Relationships in Siblings of Disabled Persons : Analysis of unconscious aspects using Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
Takano Yasuyo
PP. 115 - 124
Trends and Perspectives Regarding Correlation Between Dissociation and Traumatic Events : On the Causes of Dissociation
Ikeda Tatsuya Okamoto Yuko
PP. 125 - 134
Present study of dreaming : Comparing brain science with psychoanalysis
PP. 135 - 141
A Review of Researches at Meal Scene in Preschool
Ito Yu
PP. 143 - 150
A Study on the Reference Relations among Regional Kindergartens in the Meiji Era : By focusing on the case of Shinaji Kusunoki's reference to the Hiroshima Jogakkou Kindergarten
PP. 151 - 159
The Possibility and Issue of Using Trajectory Equifinality Model (TEM) as a Tool in Early Childhood Education and Care Practice Research
Sakai Aiichiro Nakatsubo Fuminori Hokii Takafumi Hamana Kiyoshi
PP. 161 - 170
A Study on Childcare Support for Children with Special Needs and Children of Concern at Day Care Centers and Preschools : Discussions Focused on Effects Resulting from the Shift to Special Needs Education
Sato Chie Nanakida Atsushi
PP. 171 - 178