Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education
Issue 62
Date of Issue:2013-12-20
current number
ISSN : 1346-5554
Publisher : Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University
Geoscience Teaching Using Local Geological Materials(5) : Hiroshima Delta as a Teaching Material on Formation and Change of Land
Yamasaki Hirofumi Nakamura Tadashi
PP. 1 - 7
A Research Study on the Critical Thinking of University Students in Science
Kinoshita Hiroyoshi Yamanaka Shingo
PP. 9 - 15
A Study of Secondary Science Teacher Training Program in France : Focus on CAPES
PP. 17 - 25
Development of Science Teaching/Learning Materials Using a New HTML5 Method
PP. 27 - 33
A Study on "Distinction of the Problem" as the Scientific Thinking : Development of the Teaching Method in Elementary School Science
PP. 35 - 41
A Few Comments on BUNKYU NO KAIKAKU in CHOSHU HAN : Focus on how to form a SHOTAI
Ito Sachika
PP. 53 - 60
A Study on the Improvement of the Lesson Analysis Ability and its Effects by the Pre-servise Teachers : A Case Study of the Students Who Take the Class of "Teaching Method of Geography and History Education"
PP. 61 - 70
Trends and Prospects of GIS in Geographical Education
Sakaue Hiroaki
PP. 71 - 78
A Study on the Instructional Theory Reform of the Elementary Social Studies in Modern China : Through analyzing the social studies teacher's guidebook developed by BEIJING Normal University Publishing Company
Wan Biao
PP. 79 - 88
The Current Situation of Child Care in China
Zhang Yuqing
PP. 89 - 95
The Sterategy for Teaching and Learning Social Studies Using Problem-Solving Model : A Study on Construction of the Unit in Primary Social Studies
Kim Bo-Mi Fukui Suguru Ikeno Norio
PP. 97 - 106
The Sterategy for Teaching and Learning Social Studies Using Teaching Materials as a Key Person in Community and Activity of Listening the Voice of Others : A Study on Construction of the Unit in Primary Social Studies
Fukui Suguru Kim Bo-Mi Ikeno Norio
PP. 107 - 116
The Characteristics and Significance of Iku Hirano's Teaching Methods in Poetic Writing : Curriculum-izing in instruction of juvenile poetic writing
PP. 117 - 126
The Teaching Strategy to Develop Learners' "Imagination" at a Japanese Senior High School : A case study of using the essay "Venus de Miro" by Takayuki Kiyooka
Tanaka Hiroyuki Mitsugi Ryota
PP. 127 - 134
A Study on the Realization in Japanese Language of the Early Postwar Years : Based on the analysis and examination of 33 questions (1946.12) to CIE
PP. 135 - 142
A Fundamental Study on the Education of Discussion : Focus on the analysis of the practice that adopts the activity to objectify discussion
Ueyama Nobuyuki
PP. 143 - 150
Reconsidering Iser's Reading Theory as a Fundamental Theory of Reading
Kamada Shujiro
PP. 151 - 160
The Consideration about Comprehension Strategies Instruction on Reading of Expository Texts : With a focus on conditional knowledge
Koga Yoichi
PP. 161 - 170
Practice, to Develop Students Thinking Ability by Connecting Things Which are Similar : Look for similarities between yourself and classic works, in junior high school Japanese class
Saito Takahiko
PP. 171 - 180
The Way of Assessment to Foster Independent Reader : Through An Examination of Donna Santman's Practices of Reading Workshop
PP. 181 - 190
A Study on Critical Concept in the Reading Instruction Theory of Literature' Works
PP. 191 - 200
A Study on KANBUN in Kyoikurei period : Through analysis of "Wakanbun" textbooks
Nishioka Satoshi
PP. 201 - 207
Consideration about Upbringing of the Cognition in "Create a story / Make a talk" Pay its attention to Street function of the thought like the fantasy
PP. 209 - 216
A Study of Teachers' and Learners' Views on Example Sentences in English Grammar Instruction
Nakazumi Yukiharu
PP. 227 - 236
Verbal Responses in Problematic Situations of Misunderstanding by English-Speaking Learners of Japanese
PP. 237 - 243
A Study of Factors Affecting Shadowing Performance of Japanese for Advanced Japanese Learners among Chinese Native Speaker : Focusing on working memory capacity and attention distribution
Xu Fangfang
PP. 245 - 252
Teacher's Laugh in Classroom : In the Case of the Novice Japanese Class
Kimura Noriko Itoh Aki Fukuhara Ryoko Honda Masami Imasato Aoi Nagata Ryota
PP. 253 - 260
Phonological and Semantic Processing of Repeated Oral Reading of Sentence in Japanese as a Second Language : From the viewpoint of rapidness of phonological coding of words and phonological and semantic oriented instructions
Satou Tomoaki
PP. 261 - 270
Reading Comprehension and Working Memory Capacity in Oral Reading of Japanese Texts by Korean Students Learning Japanese as a Second Language
Ju Inwon
PP. 271 - 280
Processing of Japanese Kanji-Words by Korean Learners of Japanese : Effects of Shape and Phonological Similarities in a Naming Task of 2-Kanji Words
Matsushima Hiroe
PP. 281 - 290
The Acquisition of Syntactic Marker of Japanese Children : Focus on the case marker wo
Zhao Akiko Chou
PP. 291 - 300
A Study on the Exercise Intensity of Rugby Union Game by DLT Method
PP. 301 - 310
The Investigation and Collection of Wardrobes for Supporting the Learning on Discovery of Japan as a Distinguished Country of Dyed and Woven Textiles and Clothes
PP. 311 - 320
A Study on the Relation between the Consciousness of Learning Sewing of Home Economics in Japan and Self-efficacy : Transformation of the consciousness of learning sewing of the junior high students
PP. 321 - 329
A Comparative Study of Time Spent on Housework by Husbands and Wives of Japan and Korea
PP. 331 - 338
A Practical Study of Lessons of Choral Singing and Opera Practice in Hiroshima University for the Purpose of Bringing up of Comprehensive People Skills
Edagawa Kazuya Onouchi Ai
PP. 339 - 346
The Characteristics of Concept and Teaching Method of 'Fushizukuri Education' in Furukawa Elementary School in Gifu Prefecture : Through the Analysis of Book and Study Reports Written by Toshihiro Yamasaki.
PP. 347 - 356
Der gegenwartige Zustand und Aufgaben des Lernsystems von Saiteninstrumenten in der Fakultat fur Lehrerausbildung : Bericht einer Meinungsumfrage der Lehrer und Saiteninstrumente als Nebenfach Studierenden von der Hiroshima Universitat
Takahata Kenji
PP. 357 - 366
A Study of Music Education of Italy in the 1960s : Through comparisons with a present-day textbook
Onouchi Ai
PP. 367 - 374
Hashiramoto Zuishun, a Member of the Otani Expeditionary Party, and Meikakuji Data : A status report on the investigation of Kyoto Tougenzan Meikakuji Data
PP. 375 - 384
Investigation by Ama Akira (Hashiramoto Zuishun) in British-Ruled India from 1907 to 1909 : A report of organizing private letters which Ama Akira addressed to Enmeiin and Hashiramoto Zuiun
Shirasu Joshin Ema Sayaka
PP. 385 - 394
The "Kou" and "Tyu" of Samurai in Heike monogatari
Yu Jun
PP. 404 - 396
欠筆(the lack Writing)in 開寶蔵(the Northern Song Dynasty Edition of the Buddhist Canon), and the Influence
PP. 414 - 405