Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education
Issue 53
Date of Issue:2005-03-28
current number
ISSN : 1346-5554
Publisher : Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University
High temperature magnetic balance for education : Construction of the apparatus and tests for the efficiency
Tokunaga Toshihiko Furumoto Masaaki Tanaka Akira Tsutaoka Takanori
PP. 1 - 5
High temperature magnetic balance for education : A basic investigation of the teaching materials for the material science education
Tokunaga Toshihiko Kasagi Teruhiko Maehara Toshinobu Tsutaoka Takanori
PP. 7 - 10
Studies on the distribution of aauatic animals at the Kageura River and the Kumano River of the Seno River system (Hiroshima Pref.), and the application as the teaching materials
Takeshita Shunji Niwata Yoshikazu Hara Tatsuya
PP. 11 - 16
An Examination of the Effect of Multi-media Textbook in teaching "Electric Current and its uses"
PP. 17 - 22
The development of web teaching material focusing on the characteristics of Marchantia polymorpha
Sato Takayuki
PP. 23 - 30
Development of Micro-scale Experimental Material in Chemical Education : With a Focus on the Oxidation of Alkylbenzenes by Potassium Permanganate
Inoue Masayuki
PP. 39 - 47
Kageyama Sanpei Pal Satyabrata Pal Subhabaha Medda C Basu T K
PP. 49 - 56
Kageyama Sanpei Tanerjee Shakti Rudra Sarita
PP. 57 - 60
Understanding of Numerical Computation via Simulation and Its Application
PP. 61 - 67
L. Bruni's theory of "city-state governed by the beauty" : (4) Athene-model, Republic Roma-model and Comune-model
Sato Shinsuke
PP. 69 - 78
The strategy for developing a new view of society in elementary social studies education : Unit plan "Considering maps, could you think what's map"
Ikeno Norio Takenaka Nobuo Tanaka Noboru Nikaido Toshie Kawakami Hidekazu
PP. 79 - 88
On the Formation of Philosophical Environmental Ethics : A Brief History of Environmental Ethics in the United States of America
PP. 89 - 98
The Structure of Sequence about the Formation of Teaching Contents of History : the case of for primary and secondary history textbooks which Schofield & Sims LTD. published in the 1970s
Takenaka Nobuo
PP. 99 - 108
The Reform of Social Studies Learning for Elementary School (1) : The Development of A Teaching Plan for "Studies of The Japanese Dairying"
Kakuda Masashi Katakami Soji
PP. 109 - 116
Reform of History Lessons in Elementary Schools (I) : A Teaching Plan for "Edo Period and Urban Culture"
Yamada Hidekazu Katakami Soji
PP. 117 - 253
A Study of Grammatical Particle on the Dialects in Atsumi Peninsula in Japan : the third report
Ebata Yoshio
PP. 127 - 136
A Systematic Description of Dialect Particles used in the Tsukenzima Dialect, Okinawa, Japan
Matayoshi Satomi
PP. 137 - 146
A Study on Inferences of Reading Process in "Reading" Classes at High School
Hamaguchi Osamu Fujiwara Yoko Nakamura Yoshito
PP. 147 - 155
Some Meanings of the Comic Character of Michael Brown in Love in Idleness
Nakamura Yoshito
PP. 157 - 161
The Development of English Proficiency of Technical College Students : With a Focus on the Results of a Retrospective Questionnaire
Abe Noriko
PP. 173 - 179
An Empirical Study on Outstanding English Teachers in High Schools : PM Theory and High School Students' Achievement
Hosaka Yoshio
PP. 181 - 186
The Effects of Text Characteristics on Reading in English : With a Focus on Japanese Senior High School Students
Asai Tomoo
PP. 195 - 202
A Comparative Study on Chinese and Japanese High School Students' English Learning Motivation : From a viewpoint of different proficiency level
Xiaojie Zhang
PP. 203 - 210
Role of visuo-spatial short-term memory on vocabulary learning of Sign Language as a second language
PP. 211 - 218
The effects of whispering-to-oneself and silent reading on text memory and comprehension in children
Matsumi Norio Furumoto Yumi Mitsuke Ai
PP. 219 - 225
The Effects of Self-Questioning on Comprehension of an Expository Text by Learners of Japanese as a Second Language : Focused on the Functioning of Comprehension Monitoring
Satoh Reiko
PP. 227 - 235
Questionaire survey for experiences of Japanese education in Colonial Korea
Lee Jungsu
PP. 237 - 243
The method of narration in "Woman in the Dunes"
Seo Hong
PP. 245 - 252
Comparative Study on "Sanshirō" by Natsume Sōseki and "Mu-Jeong" by Lee Kwang-Su : Focusing on Civilization
Lee Mi-Jung
PP. 253 - 261
Comparative Study on the Sensual Description of Yoshimoto Banana and Shin Kyeong-Suk : Centered on "Sad presentiment" and "The train leaves at seven o'clock"
Lee Eun-hyung
PP. 263 - 271
Comparative Study on the Literary Theory of Fujiwarano-Kintou and Bai Ju-Yi
Huang Chin-Tang
PP. 273 - 280
Dreams of Southern Islands : Thoughts of Anti-Modern of Nakajima Atsushi
Chen Aihua
PP. 281 - 290
Program guide proposal for foreign students to support adaptation to Japanese culture
Sumida Tamaki
PP. 291 - 297
Listening Comprehension in Japanese as a Second Language and Working Memory Span : A study on differences in proficiency, targeting native speakers of Chinese
Fukuda Michiko
PP. 299 - 304
The alternation of two types of predicates with Sino Japanese nouns
Matsuoka Chizuko
PP. 305 - 310
A Study on the Acquisition of Japanese Transitive - Intransitive Verb Pairs Based on a Longitudinal Corpus : The use of "KIMARU-KIMERU", "KAWARU-KAERU"
Nakaishi Yuko
PP. 311 - 318
A Study on Japanese Folk Dance in Physical Education (2) : The image from the Japanese folk dance videotape
PP. 319 - 325
Effective anticipatory cues for courses and soins of tennis serves : Introducing reaction time and spatial occlusion paradigms
Takeda Morihito Furuta Hisashi
PP. 327 - 334
Influence of specific sensory inputs on standing balance in healthy adults : focused on the difference between head sway and COP sway
Yuan Zhang
PP. 335 - 341
Biomechanical study on the postural control of ski-jumping : Focused on the second half of the flight phase
Mizusaki Kazuyoshi
PP. 343 - 351
Significance of Salivary Secretory Immunoglobulin A (sIgA) Monitoring
Han Yanbai
PP. 353 - 358
A Study on juvenile movement development : It is focusing on movement of - hand implement and monochrome operation
Sugao Hisayo Kaku Manri Iwata Shotaro Saito Kazuhiko Matsuoka Shigenobu
PP. 359 - 365
A consideration on furnitures in the room and its layout of condominium for single family
Iwashige Hirofumi
PP. 367 - 373
The Establishment and Development of Homemaking Education in Japan under the Occupation (XVIII) : The modern meanings of the CIE education film, "FORA BRIGHT HOME LIFE"
PP. 375 - 384
PP. 385 - 391
A Study on Environmental Pollutants in the Food Subject Area of High School Family and Consumer Sciences Textbooks : Including the Relation to the Experimental Research
Okazaki Yukako
PP. 393 - 400
A Review and Some Considerations of Researches of the Relationships with Significant Others from the Viewpoint of Life-span Development : Focusing on the Effect of the Relationships with Significant Others at an Early Stage on the Later Development
Nagata Akiko
PP. 401 - 410
A Study of Bereavement Recognition for Bereaved People and Related Factors : Focusing on Care Giving
Watanabe Terumi
PP. 411 - 420
An Examination Of the Relationship Between Sound and Instrument Placement in the Piano Ensemble Works of Toru Takemitsu
Hamamoto Yoshiyasu
PP. 421 - 426
A schematic illustration of musical representation in F.Chopin's Scherzo III Op.39
PP. 427 - 434
The Process to the Establishment of Music Education at School for Children with Intellectual Disabilities : Focusing on Research on Music Practices at Hachioji School for Children with Intellectual Disabilities
Fujihara Shiho
PP. 435 - 444
Space expression in paintings: its meanings and grounds
Nagao Hiroko
PP. 445 - 453
A survey on the experiences about biological experiment and observation and, domestication of living things in the secondary school
Ohshika Kiyoyuki Sato Takayuki Muko Heiwa Takeshita Shunji Torigoe Kenji
PP. 455 - 462
A Thesis on "Genjimonogatarf-How to describe women in "Monogatari Bungaku" after "Genjimonogatari"
Murayama Taro
PP. 470 - 463