Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education
Issue 54
Date of Issue:2006-03-28
current number
ISSN : 1346-5554
Publisher : Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University
An Examination of the Measurement in Civic Scientific Literacy of Japanese Adult: An Examination of the Validity of Miller's 3-dimension Model
PP. 1 - 7
Analysis of Textbooks and Teaching Materials about Teaching Unit of Evolution in High School Biology
Sato Takayuki Ohshika Kiyoyuki
PP. 17 - 24
Understanding of An Algorithm for Numerical Computation via Newton's Method for Basic Information Education
PP. 39 - 45
Regional differentiation on family status in Japan
PP. 57 - 66
The Formation of Philosophical Environmental Ethics (II): Early Controversy over Environmental Ethics in the United States of America
PP. 67 - 76
Research of the Okinawa-Miyakojima version Japanese-language-textbook of the postwar period -In the case of the textbook by mimeographing printing-
PP. 103 - 112
Use of Imagery in Literary Texts as english Teaching Material
Nakamura Yoshito
PP. 151 - 155
Physical Education Pedagogy and A social System Theory : It focuss on the description of a Physical Education lesson.
Matsuoka Shigenobu Sugao Hisayo Iwata Shotaro Kaku Manri Oho Suisen
PP. 275 - 283
A Research of the Exercise and Sports of the Elderly People(3) -Revolving around light exercise and sports, streching-
Matsuo Chiaki Watanabe kazuhiko Kusama Masurao
PP. 285 - 292
On the Qualitative Improvement and Certification of "Quality & Competence" in Physical Education Teachers
Iwata Shotaro Sugao Hisayo Matsuoka Shigenobu
PP. 293 - 300
The Establishment and Development of Homemaking Education in Japan under the Occupation(XIX) -Evaluation about the Homemaking Education Policy in Upper Secondary Schools(Part 1)-
PP. 337 - 346
A consideration about the influences on daily human life by environmental sound sources
Iwashige Hirofumi
PP. 347 - 353
Time Pressure on Husbands and Wives Reflected in the Timing of Activities
PP. 355 - 361
The analysis of the wandering behavior of an elderly person with dementia in a nursing home.
PP. 363 - 371
Neural Networks and Fabric Touch
Kinoshita Mizuho
PP. 373 - 379
A schematic illustration of musical representation in F.Chopin's Scherzo IV Op.54
Kusama Machiko
PP. 381 - 390
An Attempt in Vocal Singing Exercises -Developing Skills in Recognizing Resonance by Using Keyboard Harmonicas-
Matsunaga Misako
PP. 391 - 398
Die Eigentümlickeit der Löhleins Klavierschule im Jahr 1765 Ein Vergleich der Löhleins Klavierschule mit dessen Zeitgenossischen
Ono Ryosuke
PP. 399 - 406