Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education
Issue 65
Date of Issue:2016-12-22
current number
ISSN : 1346-5554
Publisher : Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University
A Study on Method to Refine the Consideration with Argumentation in Lower Secondary School Science
PP. 1 - 7
Apparent Diversity of Igneous Rocks : Distribution of the granitic rocks and characteristic of lithologies
PP. 9 - 18
A Review of Research on Modeling in Science Teaching in Japan
Unzai Hiroshi
PP. 19 - 27
Rika (School Science) in Lower Grades at the Elementary School Attached to Hiroshima Higher Normal School : Analysis of Records from 1911 to 1919
Yamada Masako
PP. 29 - 36
Environmental Study in Elementary Geography in the United Kingdom by Analysis of Geographical School’s Textbook
Yui Yoshimichi Murata Sho Sakaue Hiroaki
PP. 37 - 44
Geographical Contents in Primary School : An Analysis of the English Geography Textbook “Collins Primary Geography”
Sakaue Hiroaki Murata Sho Yui Yoshimichi Sugitani Mariko Tong Yaqina Nakamura Yusuke Hashimoto Kuninori Imai Takahide Ujihara Shu Kodama Taisuke Shigematsu Fumiya Takeshita Kohei Tao Zi Pan Yihan Yamamoto Ryo Yokogawa Satoshi Yoshikawa Tomonori Liu Sichun
PP. 45 - 52
Why Do Pre-service Teachers Have Different Views and Lesson Planning Skills About Social Studies? : Focusing on freshmen to sophomore in same teacher training curriculum
Osaka Yu
PP. 53 - 62
Introduction of Graduate School of Education in Korea and Its Impact : A Case of Seoul National University of Education’s Elementary Social Studies Education
Kim Jongsung
PP. 63 - 71
Direction of Housing Landscape Research in Japan
Sugitani Mariko
PP. 73 - 79
Workplaces and Clothing of Heian Nobles : Examination of the Situational Changing of Clothes
Meng Yu
PP. 89 - 98
Why Reading Literature in Language Arts Curriculum Still Matters : From some considerations of contemporary discussions on literature instruction in US
PP. 99 - 108
The Relationship between the Unit Learning Theory and Literary Education in Early Post-war : Focus on the idea generation of thematic unit in Japanese language arts
Ikeda Masafumi
PP. 109 - 117
The Sentence-Final Particle de in the Okayama City Dialect
Kobatake Hiromasa
PP. 119 - 128
A Study on the Reader’s Self-dialogue in Literary Reading : A clue to the process of self-dialogue of Ryunosuke Akutagawa “Rashoumon”
Takeda Yuji
PP. 129 - 137
Utilizing Film for Teaching Close Reading of Soseki’s Novel “Kokoro”
Matsuoka Reiko
PP. 139 - 148
Issues and Perspectives in Critical Reading Instruction of Expository Text : The concept of "critical" frameworks
Murai Takato
PP. 149 - 158
Linguistic Factors Influencing Acceptability Judgements of English Resultative Construction for Japanese Learners of English
Hirano Yohei
PP. 159 - 168
Another Step in Japanese Grammar : Toward a convincing grammatical explanation
PP. 169 - 175
Acquisition and Assessment of L2 Pronunciation Skills in Japanese Learners
PP. 177 - 186
Learning Strategies of Japanese Kanji-Words in Beginning Chinese Learners of Japanese : The effect of orthographic and phonological similarities between Chinese and Japanese
PP. 187 - 191
Conjunctive Expressions among Japanese Learners at Different Proficiency Levels in Problem-Solving Discourse : Negative Responses and the Consensus-Building Phase
Itoh Aki
PP. 193 - 202
“Breadth” of Vocabulary and Vocabulary Test Development : A Review of Research in the Field of English Education for the Development of Vocabulary Test for Japanese Language Learners
Jha Bulbul
PP. 203 - 210
The Effects of Shadowing Practices on the Formation of Phonological Representation in Chinese Students Learning Japanese as a Second Language : An Experimental Study Using the Lexical Decision Task of Japanese Kanji-Words
Zhang Wenqing
PP. 211 - 220
Visual Recognition of Japanese Kanji-Words of Korean Students Learning Japanese in Korea : The effect of orthographic and phonological similarities between Korean and Japanese
Yanamoto Daichi
PP. 221 - 226
Visual Recognition of Japanese Kanji-Words on Korean Students Leaning Japanese in Advanced-level : Using lexical decision task of words with pre-presentation of Japanese sentences
Yanamoto Daichi Fei Xiao-dong Matsumi Norio
PP. 227 - 233
Processing of the Verb Phrase in Proficient Chinese Learners of Japanese : An experimental test using a phrase-acceptability judgment task
Yang Jiebing
PP. 235 - 240
The Change of Time Devoted to Child Care by Fathers for 40 Years
PP. 241 - 248
What Kind of Restaurant Does the Characters on the Signboards Conjure Up?
Imakawa Shinji Kodoi Takako
PP. 249 - 256
Views of Students Undergoing Home Economics Teacher Training : Reconstructing the Human Life Sciences Curriculum of Hiroshima University
PP. 257 - 264
Female University Student’s View of Career Formation and Work-Life Balance
PP. 265 - 271
Die Eigenschaft der Violinspielstechnik von C. Flesch : „Die angewandte Technik“ auf den Schwerpunkt legend
PP. 273 - 282
Features of Singing in the Montessori Method : The Musical Education of Maccheroni
Fujio Kanoko
PP. 283 - 292
The Narrative Methods like Dramaturgy on Ousaka-koenu-gonchunagon
Wei Bingbing
PP. 302 - 293
The South Song Dynasty Edition of the Buddhist Canon(宋版一切経) Which Became Original Text of Kasuga Prints(春日版) the Five Volumes of Mahayana Sutras(五部大乗経)(2) : It depends on comparison of the sutra book sentence
PP. 312 - 303