Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education
Issue 66
Date of Issue:2017-12-22
current number
ISSN : 1346-5554
Publisher : Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University
PP. 1 - 8
Developing Web Clicker System to Support Classes Using Raspberry Pi
Yoshidomi Kenichi Asakura Kazuaki Senoo Ibuki
PP. 9 - 16
Developing a Learning Material to Understand and Explore Solar Eclipses as a STEM Topic
Teragaito Masakazu Kitadai Yukinori Saito Toshio Yamamoto Ryosuke
PP. 17 - 24
Training to Improve Teaching Skill on Measurement and Control Technology Education for Industrial Education Teachers at Technical High Schools
Kawada Kazuo Ohnishi Yoshihiro Yamamoto Toru
PP. 25 - 32
Effects of a Processed Groove in the Surface of Lumber for Sawing by Handsaw: Effect of a Groove, Visibility and Cutting Area in Cross Cutting
Kimura Akitaka Kuroiwa Koutarou Kuramoto Kenichi
PP. 33 - 39
How to Visualize the Work of Historical Understanding and Thinking: Introductory History Lesson “Morning Glory Boom in the Edo Period” with Thinking Tools
Kusahara Kazuhiro Kodama Taisuke Yamamoto Ryo Yoshikawa Tomonori Shigematsu Fumiya Kawahara Kosuke
PP. 41 - 50
The Life Courses about Foreign Workers in Hiroshima City
Yui Yoshimichi Tong Yaqina
PP. 51 - 58
Characteristics of Irrigation of Reclaimed Land in the Early 19th Century on Fan Tableland: A Case of Kashobara, Southern Part of Saijo Basin, Central Hiroshima, SW Japan
PP. 59 - 66
University-affiliated School Teachers Analyze their own Practical Student Teaching Instruction: How to Ensure Better Practical Student Teaching Instruction
PP. 67 - 74
The “Author Concept” and Knowledge of Expository Texts: The Case of Expository Texts about Natural Science in Elementary Schools
Masaki Tomonori
PP. 75 - 82
Exploring the Idea for Close Reading and Visualization of the Novel Based on the Analysis of the Booklet After the Bomb: Brother in the Land and Wider Reading
Matsuoka Reiko
PP. 83 - 92
Assessment and Instruction of Critical Reading in Expository Text: Practice for First-year Students at Junior High School
Murai Takato
PP. 93 - 102
Analysis of Paragraph Writing Tasks in Japanese High School English and College English Writing Textbooks
Nakagawa Hiroyo
PP. 103 - 110
What Information do Japanese Learners Pay Attention to When Listening: An Experimental Analysis through Instruction Manipulation and Eye-tracking during Reading
Matsumi Norio Xu Jie Xu Chang Yanamoto Daichi
PP. 111 - 118
What Information Do Japanese Learners Pay Attention to When Reading: An Experimental Analysis on Eye-tracking during Oral Reading
Matsumi Norio Wang Xiaowei Jha Bulbul Yanamoto Daichi
PP. 119 - 127
The Relationship between Japanese Compliments and Discourse Development: Analysis of Tester’s Compliments in Dialogic Language Assessment
PP. 129 - 135
Investigating the Factors Affecting the Comprehension of Metaphors by Native Japanese Speakers: From the Perspective of Working Memory and Phonological Short-term Memory
Jha BulBul
PP. 137 - 146
Effects of Note-taking on the Listening Comprehension of Japanese Sentences by Advanced Chinese Learners of Japanese: Manipulating Working Memory Span and Language Type Used for Note-taking
Xu Chang
PP. 147 - 154
Processing of Japanese Kanji Words by Vietnamese Learners of Japanese: The Effect of Kanji Consistency and Phonological Similarities in a Naming Task
Nagano Masumi
PP. 165 - 173
Evaluation Behavior toward Essays by Chinese Learners of Japanese: A Comparison between Native Japanese-speaking Teachers and Native Chinese-speaking Teachers by Means of Protocol Analysis
Fang Zheng
PP. 175 - 184
The Comparison of the Resultant-State Verb Forms in Japanese and Korean
PP. 185 - 194
The Effect of the Difference in Time Length of Consciousness Keeping the Lean Position in the Acceleration Phase of 100m Sprint on Forward Angle, Running Velocity, Stride Frequency, and Stride Length
Adachi Tatsuya
PP. 195 - 201
Effect of Students’ Reflection on their Teaching Practice Experiences: Discussions during Case Conferences in Teaching Practice
Kawaguchi Ryo Nakagawa Maiko Maeda Kazuma Saito Kazuhiko
PP. 203 - 212
The Effect of Communication with Parents on Relationships and Marriage on the Marital Views of University Students
Imakawa Shinji
PP. 213 - 222
Influence of Family Relationships on Local Orientation in Job Hunting by University Students
Yokota Akiko
PP. 223 - 230
Die Eigenschaften der Violinspieltechnik von C. Flesch: den Schwerpunkt auf „die künstlerische Gestaltung“ legend
PP. 231 - 239
Characteristics of Theater Pieces in Minao Shibata’s Later Works: Focusing on the “New Series of Theater Pieces”
PP. 241 - 250
The South Song Dynasty Edition of the Buddhist Canon(宋版一切経) Which Became Original Text of Kasuga Prints(春日版) the Five Mahayana Sutras(五部大乗経)(3): Comparison in Shakuon(釋音), and the difference with Sung edition
PP. 260 - 252