Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education
Issue 55
Date of Issue:2007-03-28
current number
ISSN : 1346-5554
Publisher : Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University
Geoscience teaching using local geological materials (1) : Application of sedimentary facies analysis and its educational implication
Yamasaki Hirofumi Nagata Yuichi Hayashi Takehiro Suzuki Morihisa
PP. 1 - 7
Geoscience teaching using local geological materials (2) : Observation of sedimentary layers with the activities of expectation and debate
Yamasaki Hirofumi Nishimura Tomonori Hayashi Takehiro Suzuki Morihisa
PP. 9 - 14
Suggestion for the teaching method in real-work oriented preservice teacher education curriculum : Some considerations based on the observation of internship program in Michigan State University
PP. 15 - 20
An analysis of the affiective factors which influence the achievement of science : A comparison of elementary and lower secondary school students
PP. 21 - 25
Implementation of Animal Dissection to Brush the Skills of Biology Experiments Up Qualitatively and the Influence
Sato Takayuki Torigoe Kenji
PP. 27 - 34
Bryophytes as Teaching Materials on the Textbook of Botany (The Latter Term of Meiji to the Beginning of Showa) and Suggestions for Development of New Teaching Material
Sato Takayuki Muko Heiwa Ohshika Kiyoyuki
PP. 35 - 42
A practical study on the instructional strategy to develop metacognition among junior high school students : From a perspective on the reflections to observation/experimental activities
PP. 43 - 52
Development of Teaching Materials of Green Chemistry at Secondary Schools : With a Focus on the Synthesis of Acetylsalicylic Acid Using Microwave Irradiation
Yamada Shuto
PP. 53 - 61
A Development and Practical Evaluation of the Teaching MaterialsAiming at Enhancing Students' Scientific Thinking Ability : With Special Reference to the Interconnection BetweenWeather Observation Results and Weather Information
Kanoe Hiroaki
PP. 63 - 70
Design of a Multi-Layered Neural Network Using Particle Swarm Optimization
Kato Mitsue
PP. 71 - 76
Realität als Widerstandserlebnis und pänomenologische Reduktion : die philosophische Anthropologie Max Schelers (2)
PP. 77 - 86
The Improvement of The Curriculum for The Training Teachers (1) : The Acquisition Abilities for Teaching by "Experience" and "Reflection"
Kakuda Masashi
PP. 87 - 96
Why is the Elementary Law-Related Education of the United States taught through a Historical Fact? : On the Case of Teaching Material "We the People Level 1"
Nikaido Toshie
PP. 97 - 106
A Study on the Development of a Junior High School Geography Course for developing a new view : Unit Plan "Considering a home and house"
Nyu Eiji Tanaka Noboru Nikaido Toshie Taguchi Hiroko
PP. 107 - 114
A study on developing a new view of society in junior high school history course : Unit plan "Considering Kenkaryouseibai"
Taguchi Hiroko Takenaka Nobuo Tanaka Noboru Nyu Eiji
PP. 115 - 123
A Chronological Study of Linguistic Atlases on an auxiliary verb, "RAREE"
Ebata Yoshio
PP. 125 - 132
A comparative Study of the greeting expression between China and Japan : In the case of the laboring utterance to the colleague
Ebata Yoshio Zhang Lei
PP. 133 - 142
Research on the educational reform and textbook in Amami of the postwar period
PP. 143 - 152
A Descriptive Study of the Tsuken Dialect Case Particles [ni], [Nka], and [ʃi] which are Equivalent to the Japanese Case Particle [ni] : The Function of Marking Entities, Results, and Purpose which are Concerned with Formation, Operation, and Action
Matayoshi Satomi
PP. 153 - 162
About consistence of the curriculum to train speaking and listening ability : in the case on the cognitive side
Wakaki Tsuneka
PP. 163 - 172
A Geolinguistic Study on the History of Acceptance of "Christão" in the Kyushu District of Japan
Ogawa Shunsuke
PP. 173 - 182
A study on the history of the trend of thought known as the KANBUN education in the Showa 20's : On the argument on restrictions on the use of Kanji
Tomiyasu Shingo
PP. 183 - 191
Usefulness of Children's Literature as English Learning Material
Nakamura Yoshito
PP. 193 - 196
A study of young English learners' motivations at elementary school : A comparison between positive and negative affiects
Kunimoto Kazue
PP. 207 - 215
A Study on the English Strategic Competence of Japanese College Students
PP. 217 - 224
Effiects of melody presentation on memory of sentences in a second language
Matsumi Norio Suzuki Satsuki
PP. 225 - 231
Considerations on Honourification of Adjectives in Japanese Based on Agreement Theory
Adrian Ivana
PP. 233 - 240
Case Particle "de" and Subject's Thematic Role in Japanese Transitive Sentences
Suzuki Yoko
PP. 241 - 250
A psychological study of recognition to "Japanese Culture" : A comparison between native speakers of Japanese and Japanese language learners
Sumida Tamaki
PP. 251 - 258
Considerations on The first Attestation Bibliography of Meiji Era Kango : A Preliminary Examination of Korean Materials
Paek Namdeok
PP. 259 - 266
Auditory Recognition of Japanese Words in Taiwanese Learners of Japanese : Discussion on Meaning Decision Task of Japanese Sentences
Chiu Yu-Yuan
PP. 267 - 273
The Effiects of Reading Purpose and Working Memory Span on Reading Comprehension : A Focus on Japanese Native Speakers
Furumoto Yumi
PP. 275 - 284
Review of Literature on Willingness to Communicate in Second Language Education
Kobayashi Akiko
PP. 285 - 293
Research of Reduplicated Words in the Indonesian Language : The focus of meaning and form of Reduplicated word
Dedi Suryadi
PP. 295 - 301
An Evaluation of the Network-type CALL Contents by Korean Learners of Japanese
Yoon Jeong Hun Mizumachi Isao An Byeong Geol
PP. 303 - 309
A Research of The Exercise and Sports of The Eldery People (4) : With a Special Focus on a Description Concerning The Method of Executing Stretching
PP. 311 - 318
Relationship between visual ability and serve-receiving performance in volleyball : Reexamination for college players
Furuta Hisashi Kajiyama Toshihito Kurokawa Takashi
PP. 319 - 324
Relationship between Exercise Style and Bone Mineral Density in Male High School Students : From a viewpoint of Exercise History and Competence
Luo Ping
PP. 325 - 331
The Establishment and Development of Homemaking Education in Japan under the Occupation(XX) : The Formation of the Subject Ideology in the Home Economics Course of Study in 1947
PP. 333 - 342
Detergency of Alkaline Ionized Liquid
Miyamoto Shiori
PP. 343 - 349
Detergency of Mixture of Cationic Surfactant and Nonionic Surfactant : Removal of Particle Soil, Soil Redeposition, Oily and Fatty Soil Removal, Sterilization, Deodorization and Safety
Miyamoto Shiori Zhang Liangyi
PP. 351 - 358
The analysis of the indoor wandering of an elderly person with dementia in a nursing home.
PP. 359 - 366
A study of the method of displaying the virtual dressing on the internet and its application to a teaching material for clothing education.
Kinoshita Mizuho
PP. 367 - 372
Factors in the Demand for Medical Service on Daily Life
PP. 373 - 379
A study on the effiicient use of water resources at home
PP. 381 - 387
Time Use of the Children with Disabilities on Weekday and Saturday during the Semester
Endo Rie
PP. 389 - 398
Educational Philosophy of Music Appreciation of Yasujiro Kanemori
PP. 409 - 418
An examination of the relationships between Japanese music and the music of Toru Takemitsu focusing on the works of the composer written with traditional instruments.
Hamamoto Yoshiyasu
PP. 425 - 430
A Study of Change in Perceived Tone of Received and Produced Sound by Use of Oreille Electronique
Matsunaga Misa
PP. 431 - 439
A Study of German School Music Curricula in the first Term of Secondary Education : Elucidation of Learning fields by Nolte's Classification
PP. 441 - 450
A Longitudinal Study on Infant's Vocal Pitch Accuracies in Singing : Focusing on Vocal Pitch Matching Abilities, Pitch Discrimination Abilities, and Skills at the Separation of a Singing Voice from a Speaking Voice
Konagano Ryuta
PP. 451 - 460
Studien über Löhleins Clavierschule 2
Ono Ryosuke
PP. 461 - 467
The Formation of Teaching Contents for Making Social Recognition Historically : the case of textbooks published for "Environmental Studies"
Takenaka Nobuo
PP. 469 - 478
Argument of description of pictures : Introduction
PP. 479 - 486