Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education
Issue 64
Date of Issue:2015-12-18
current number
ISSN : 1346-5554
Publisher : Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University
A Research Study on the Critical Thinking of High School Students in Science
PP. 1 - 8
Development of 3D Teaching Materials for Learning Motion of the Moon Using WebGL Programming
PP. 9 - 16
Impacts of Education for Sustainable Development on Geographical Education
Sakaue Hiroaki
PP. 17 - 25
A Study of the Function of Builders in Formation of a Landscape : A Case Study of Housing Developments in Higashi-Hiroshima City
Sugitani Mariko
PP. 27 - 33
The Life Courses about Chinese Women with Higher Educations as Foreign Workers in Japan
Tong Yaqina
PP. 35 - 42
The Process of Formation of the Class Lesson Ability Required of Elementary School Expert Teachers : A case study on the teacher who lesson practice mainly of understanding children
Nakajima Tsunehiko
PP. 43 - 52
The Earthquake Measure in the Asuka-Nara Period : A case study of tenpyo 6 (A.D734) earthquake
Hirotane Yu
PP. 53 - 62
Process and Factors of Self-Directive Lesson Improvement as Learning Effectiveness by Professional Development: In History Lesson Improvement by A.P Magwood
Watanabe Takumi
PP. 63 - 72
Upbringing of the Scholastic Ability that Utilized Comics in Education of National Language : In the case of Yoshiki Hayama’ “A letter from female laborer in Cement barrel”
PP. 73 - 82
The Formation Process of Thematic Unit in Japanese Language Education in the 1970s : In the case of practical research by Hiroshima University High School
Ikeda Masafumi
PP. 83 - 92
The Development of Instructional Material on the Education of Discussion : Focus on the recapitulative transcript
Ueyama Nobuyuki
PP. 93 - 101
Critical Characteristic on Strategic Reading to Comprehension Expository Texts : An attempt of critique of ideology to text from ninth grade textbook
Koga Yoichi
PP. 103 - 112
An Examination of “Independent Reader” Concept and Developing
Takeda Yuji
PP. 113 - 120
The Issues of Assessment in Reading Instruction of Expository Text : Based on interviews with junior high school teachers
Murai Takato
PP. 121 - 130
The Consistency of the Embodiment of Spatial Expressions on Delayed Tests in Reading Instruction Using English Literature
Kumada Michiko
PP. 131 - 138
Compilation of a New Learner Corpus for Second Language Acquisition Research
PP. 139 - 146
Style Shift to Plain Form in Advanced Learners of Japanese : Focusing on Informal-Style
Okazaki Wataru
PP. 147 - 156
The Differential Use of Speech Style in Elementary School Students : From the Perspective of Indexicallity
Okazaki Wataru Yoshimura Mizuki Nagata Ryota
PP. 157 - 165
Study of the Influence of Working Memory Capacity on Phonological and Semantic Processing in Shadowing of Japanese as a Second Language : Focusing on the Understanding of Target Sentences by Relational-sentences Shadowing
Han Xiao
PP. 167 - 175
Effects of Teaching Expectancy on Text Reading in Second Language for Intermediate Chinese Learners of Japanese: A Study on Pre-reading Instruction
Xu Fangfang
PP. 177 - 186
Linguistic Information Usage of Japanese Five Years-old Children in Case Markers Learning : A Sentence Comprehension Experiment Using Artificial Case Markers
Zhao Akiko Chou
PP. 187 - 196
Effects of Task Sequencing and Task Complexity on L2 Learner’s Focus on Form : Focusing on Different Task Types
Hamada Noriko
PP. 197 - 206
The Power of Japanese Silk, Embroidery and Design on Exported Kimonos for Western in the Meiji and Taisho Period
PP. 207 - 216
The Change of Gender Differences Reflected in Hours of Sleep for 40 Years
PP. 217 - 222
Effectiveness of Consumer Education at Schools : An Analysis of Consumer Awareness and Behaviors of University Students on Online Shopping
PP. 223 - 230
A Study of the Lecture Contents about “Early Childhood Care and Education” in the Training Home Economics Teachers of Secondary School : Analysis of the syllabi of the teacher colleges
PP. 231 - 236
Die Eigenschaft der Violinspielstechnik von C.Flesch : "Die allgemeine Technik" auf den Schwerpunkt legend
PP. 237 - 246
Structure of “Sugaguchi-Goiwai”
PP. 247 - 254
The Characteristics of Music Education in the Connective Curriculum between Kindergarten and Elementary School of United States in the Early 20th Century : Analyzing the curriculums for kindergarten and early elementary school
Imoto Miho
PP. 255 - 264
Concept of Rhythm in “Expressive Activity and Dance”
PP. 265 - 273
Takeda Rintaro and Literature of the “Southern Expansion”
Dwisusilo Syahrur Marta
PP. 282 - 275
PP. 292 - 283
The Difference between Diacritical Marks for Sino-Japanese Used by Kiyohara Nobukata(清原宣賢) and Kiyohara Shigekata(清原枝賢) : the Rongo(論語) and the Chuyo-Shoku(中庸章句)
Sakamizu Takashi
PP. 302 - 294
The South Song Dynasty Edition of the Buddhist Canon(宋版一切経)Which Became Original Text of Kasuga Prints(春日版)the Five Volumes of Mahayana Sutras(五部大乗経)(1) : The thing understood by comparing inscriptions
PP. 312 - 304