Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part. II, Arts and science education
Issue 59
Date of Issue:2010-12-24
current number
ISSN : 1346-5554
Publisher : Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University
Ecological Studies of Largemouth Bass (Micropterus salmoides) in Nakadoorijima, Goto islands, Nagasaki Pref.
Torigoe Kenji Shiraiwa Toyokazu
PP. 1 - 7
A Basic Study on Ability Developed in Children through Dairy Farming Education : Based on a survey for teachers and dairy farmers
Kinoshita Hiroyoshi Hideshima Akira Kadoya Shigeki Ishii Masayuki Kawasaki Kosaku Matsuura Takuya
PP. 9 - 14
Fish Fauna of the Saijo Basin (Higashi-hiroshima City) and Its Surrounding Areas
Takeshita Shunji Hara Tatsuya
PP. 15 - 21
A Method for Observing External Morphology of Arthropoda in Schoolyard
Tomikawa Ko Torigoe Kenji
PP. 23 - 28
A Study on Teaching Method for Development of Scientific Thinking : Focus on "the ability to judge whether a conclusion is demonstrated scientifically or not?"
Kawasaki Kosaku
PP. 29 - 38
A Study on Change of both Interest and Motivation of Participants through Specialists' Science Lectures : Exemplified by the activity of Hiroshima University 'Kagaku Wakuwaku Project'
PP. 39 - 45
Max Schelers Lebensbegriffe : Psycho-physisches Leben und Metaphysisches Leben
PP. 47 - 56
Die Reform des Geschichtsunterrichts an deutschen Gymnasien in den neunziger Jahren im Hinblick auf die Auseinandersetzung mit historischen Theorien
Utsunomiya Akiko
PP. 57 - 66
The Role of Textbooks in Social Studies to Promote Relationship to Society : Comparing the Methods of Textbooks Analysis between Hess and Ravitch
Goto Kenjiro
PP. 77 - 85
The Actual and Problem of the International Understanding Education in China : The Case of the Subject "Moral and Society" of the Elementary School
Cai Qiuying
PP. 87 - 96
Comparison Research on "Gennkou" Description in Junior High School History Textbook
Bao Liming
PP. 97 - 103
Paragraph Composition in the Writing of Argumentative Essays : Acquisition of Skills and Incorporation of a Process of Constructive Criticism between Pupils : An examination of instructional processes based on practical action research
Tanaka Hiroyuki Kozasa Yuka
PP. 105 - 112
A Study on the Supplementary Reader in the Early Postwar Years : In case of reference book, workbook, guidebook, juvenile-literature
PP. 113 - 122
A Quantitative Analysis on Zero-marking of the Quotative Marker in West Japanese Dialects : Its Frequency and Internal Linguistic Factors
PP. 123 - 132
Putting Media Literacy Education in Perspective of Theory of "Participatory Culture" : The case of Henry Jenkins (2009) Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture
Sunagawa Seiji
PP. 133 - 140
A Consideration of Goal Recognition in the Japanese Language Education
Tatta Toru
PP. 141 - 150
How Should We Overcome the Sense of Resistance to the Media Education? : Some considerations on the road to overcoming "hesitation" to media education in Japanese language instruction
Takiguchi Mie
PP. 151 - 159
Theory and Practice of Teaching Writing Poetry at Contemporary UK : Focus on Sandy Brownjohn's To Rhyme or Not To Rhyme? (1994)
PP. 161 - 170
A Study on Kana Characters Educational Philosophy in the Early Stages of Elementary School : From rearranging and examination of kana characters education theory after the World War II
Nagaoka Yuki
PP. 171 - 178
The Teacher Training for Common Language Guidance : In the case of Haruyama elementary school in Showa 30's Kagoshima
Harada Hiroki
PP. 179 - 186
Point of View to Grow a Listener Provided from Japanese Education Theory by Eikichi Kurasawa
Fujikawa Kazunari
PP. 187 - 194
Analysis of Senior High School English Reading Textbooks in Japan : Focusing on textbook questions enhancing inferences and self-expressions
PP. 195 - 202
Review and Future Direction in the Study of Incidental Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition Through Reading
PP. 203 - 210
Suggestions from Differences in Awareness of Elementary and Junior High School Teachers of What Foreign Language Activities, and Cooperation between Elementary and Junior High School Mean : Through the qualitative research
Shinato Yota
PP. 211 - 218
The influences of visually presented sentence on the shadowing of Japanese
Iwashita Masumi
PP. 219 - 227
Second Language Proficiency and Pausing : Syllable duration and pausing in the oral reading of Japanese learners
Ju Inwon
PP. 229 - 238
Incremental Processing of Gap-Filler Dependencies in Turkish : Focusing on the Processing Asymmetry between Subject and Object Relative Clauses
Barış Kahraman
PP. 239 - 248
Alternation of the Finite Form of Adjectives and Adjective + naru in the Consequence Clause of Conditional Constructions
Kotake Naoko
PP. 249 - 258
A Study of the Acquisition of Japanese Conditional Expressions : Based on the analysis of longitudinal L1 data of Japanese infan
Choi Younjoo
PP. 259 - 268
Effects of Discourse Function on the Processing of Relative Clauses in Japanese : Through the corpus research and behavioral experiment
Sato Atsushi
PP. 269 - 277
The Honorific of the Ura Tatusugo Amami Oshima Dialect : The comparison though the honorific of Japanese common language
Shigeno Hiromi
PP. 279 - 288
The Use of Viewpoint Expressions in the Personal Telling Task and the Picture Description Task by Native Japanese Speakers and Chinese Learners of Japanese.
Takemura Miwa
PP. 289 - 298
A Study of Shadowing for Advanced Language Learners : Learners' noticing and instructors' support
Takahashi Eriko Fukuda Noriko Iwashita Masumi Sakoda Kumiko
PP. 299 - 308
Effects of Subject-performed Tasks on Memory of Verbal Phrases in Japanese as a Second Language : Using verbal phrases with adverb
Nakahara Satoko
PP. 309 - 317
An Event-related Potentials Study of Aspectual Information Processing
Long Shengyan
PP. 319 - 327
A Study on the Methodology of Micro-Teaching of Content Areas in Physical Education in Pre-Service Education : Development a sheet to promote the "Reflection"
Iwata Shotaro Kubo Kenji Kakazu Kengo Takeuchi Shunsuke Ninomiya Akiko
PP. 329 - 336
Case Study about Gymnastic Skills of Achievement for Preservice Health and Physical Education Teachers
Kakazu Kengo Iwata Shotaro Takeuchi Shunsuke Ninomiya Akiko
PP. 337 - 343
A Research into How Korean National Athletes of Kendo Perceive Kendo : A comparison with Korean university Kendo players
Kim Hyun Yong
PP. 345 - 352
The Biomechanical Study of the Instruction of Standing Long Jump on the Children with Autism and Down's Syndrome
Kuno Katashi
PP. 353 - 360
The Establishment and Development of Homemaking Education in Japan under the Occupation (XXIV) : Evaluation about the homemaking education policy in upper secondary schools (Part 2)
PP. 361 - 370
A Survey on the Actual Conditions of a Garden in Housing with Elderly Persons
PP. 371 - 380
An Interview with Main Caregivers of the School Age Children with Disabilities : Gender division of labor between parents and the needs of domestic and social support
Endo Rie Hirata Michinori
PP. 381 - 390
Relation between Federal State Curricula and School Curricula in German Music Education : A case study of gymnasium in Baden-Württemberg
PP. 391 - 398
A Study of Multicultural Music Education in the United States : At the Center of National Symposium on Multicultural Music (2006, 2008)
Kawamura Kyoko
PP. 399 - 408
The Declamation in Musorgsky's Nursery : From the perspective of the analysis of pitch
Kikuchi Kanako
PP. 409 - 416
A Study of The Niga Byakudo-zu owned by the Yakushiji Temple in Nara
Takamura Keiko
PP. 417 - 426
The Writing of "Senjyakuhongan Nenbutusyu Nobegaki" in the Possession of the SENJUJI Temple : Compared with the original "Senjyakuhongan Nenbutusyu"
Toda Emiko
PP. 436 - 427
Individual Readinfs of Chinese Characters in the Kamakura Period : A Comparison of Shinran(親鸞) and Myoe(明恵)
PP. 446 - 437