Bulletin of music culture education
Issue 25
Date of Issue:2013-03-22
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ISSN : 1347-0205
Publisher : Department of Music Culture Education, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Hiroshima University
Commemorative Essays for the Retirement of Prof. Jun'nosuke Chiba
In Honour of Professor Jun’nosuke Chiba
PP. 1 - 1
Resume of Prof. Jun'nosuke CHIBA
PP. 2 - 4
A Field Study on the Traditional Performing Arts in Taipei
Masuyma Kenji
PP. 21 - 28
The Scenario of Kyôgen Music 'SALUKAMI' (Naked Apes and Deities) for Woodwind Quintet and Kyôgen Actor: Giving My Respect to Prof. Jun'nosuke Chiba
Hisatome Tomoyuki
PP. 29 - 34
Great Time with Prof. Jun’nosuke Chiba
Kitazawa Takaaki
PP. 35 - 35
The Music Educational Philosophy of lchiro NAKAYA Supporting 'FUSHIZUKURI EDUCATION' as the Principal of FURUKAWA Elementary School in GIFU Prefecture (1)
PP. 37 - 44
The Music Educational Philosophy of lchiro NAKAYA Supporting 'FUSHIZUKURI EDUCATION' as the Principal of FURUKAWA Elementary School in GIFU Prefecture (2)
PP. 45 - 52
Academic Character of Music Education Studies as Curriculum Research and Development
PP. 53 - 60
Masao Ohki and the film "The Hiroshima Panels": Towards his Fifth Symphony "Hiroshima"
Notohara Yumi
PP. 61 - 68
Can Young Children Memorize the Absolute Pitch of a Newly Learned Tune?: An Examination with Production Task
Ohnishi Junichi
PP. 69 - 76
Eine Sorgenberatung über den Klavierunterricht aus 18. Jahrhundert: Anhand eines Beispiel; J.G.Buchholzs "Unterricht für diejenigen"
Ono Ryosuke
PP. 77 - 81
Изменение Историческоrо Суждения о М. П. Мусорrском: О Выражении Реализма
Takeshita Kanako
PP. 83 - 90
Characteristics of "The First National School Music Week (1921)" in the Weimar Republic
Kudo Chiaki
PP. 91 - 97
Early Music Performance Rating Scale Using Facet-Factorial Approach: Abeles's Clarinet Music Performance Rating Scale
Sakai Yuya
PP. 99 - 106
An Approach to the Course of Study (Music) for the Elementary School in 1968 by Ministry of Education: Special Reference to the Relation to Criticism Against the Course of Study (Music) for the Elementary School in 1958
Shidoji Yu
PP. 107 - 115
Basic Contents of Junior High School Music Textbooks Authorized in 1971: Comparing Kyouiku-Syuppan Edition and Kyouiku-Geijyutsu-Sha Edition
Sugihara Ayumi
PP. 117 - 124
Hisao Kitamura's Educational Theory of Music: From the Viewpoint of Character Building
Yamamoto Chihiro
PP. 125 - 130
The Training for the Listening Ability in American Music Textbooks: Paid to Relations of the National Standards for Arts Education
Awaki Yoko
PP. 131 - 138
Research on Handling of Japanese Traditional Music in Junior High School Music Textbooks: Comparison the 2002 Edition with the 2012 Edition
Katsube Yoko
PP. 139 - 146
Kikuo Shirai's Viewpoint about Singing-Dancing Education in Meiji Period
Horie Haruka
PP. 147 - 153
PP. 155 - 160
The Consideration the Situation of Public Performances at Music Halls in Postwar Hiroshima According to the Contents of Eiga Techo
Hotta Kanae
PP. 161 - 168
The Pedagogical Inftuence of Koichi Nomura on Audience in Prevailing Period of Classical Music to Japan: Content Analysis of 20 Years of Music in Criticism (Hihyo-kara-mita-ongaku-nijunen)
Sumikawa Takashi
PP. 169 - 176
Concerning the Education System for Music Therapists in Japan: A Comparison between Curricula of Schools Certified by the Japanese Music Therapy Association
Fukui Kana
PP. 177 - 184
Bildungspläne der Bundesländer in Deutschland für die Frühe Bildung in Kindertageseinrichtungen: Vergleich den Bildungsplan von Bremen mit dem von Thüringen
Inoshita Beni
PP. 185 - 190
The Effects of Visual Stimuli on Emotion in Music Listening: With a Focus on Compatibility between Music and Images
Segawa Megumi
PP. 191 - 198
Relation between Sight-Reading Ability and Music Dictation Ability
Mukaida Akari
PP. 199 - 205
A Study on Efforts to Maximize Music Performance: Effectiveness and Possibilities of Applying Mental Training
Hirayama Yuuki
PP. 207 - 214
Kindergarten Education in Deutsche Schule Tokyo Yokohama: With a Focus on the Cooperation between Kindergarten and Elementary School
Imoto Miho
PP. 215 - 222
Research Note
La Bibliothèque Royale de Belgique: Les Livres sur la Théorie Musicale dans la Section de la Musique
Osako Chikako
PP. 223 - 225
Japanese Translation
Christopher Simpson The Division-Viol, or, The Art of PLAYING Extempore upon a GROUND. EDITIO SECVNDA Dedication & Recommendation
Takeshita Kanako Noumi Yoshifumi Hotta Kanae Yamamoto Chihiro Doi Yuriko Fukui Kana Segawa Megumi Mukaida Akari Fujimura Asami Hirayama Yuhki Yamagishi Miki Nishitani Nana Tanaka Ayaka Fujii Aiko Notohara Yumi Chiba Jun’nosuke
PP. 227 - 230