Bulletin of music culture education
Issue 24
Date of Issue:2012-03-22
current number
ISSN : 1347-0205
Publisher : Department of Music Culture Education, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Hiroshima University
The Decline of "Fusizukuri Music Education" and Protects of Hiroshi YAMAMOTO
PP. 1 - 10
Development of Music Classes on Gagaku in Elementary and Junior High School
Ito Shin Sumikawa Takashi Sugihara Ayumi Horie Haruka Inouchi Shiho Awaki Yoko Okada Minami Katsube Yoko Yamamoto Chihiro
PP. 11 - 20
Notohara Yumi
PP. 21 - 29
American Kindergarten Song Books’ Development from the View Point of Vandewalker and Hill in the Early 20th Century
Takeuchi Hiroaki
PP. 31 - 38
A Consideration of Singing Education in School Textbooks of Music in Italy: An Analysis of MUSICA live (2009)
Onouchi Ai
PP. 47 - 55
A Study of "Music Cultivation in the House" at the Third Conference about Arts Education
Kudo Chiaki
PP. 57 - 63
The Educational Philosophy of Music of Borland: Focusing on Musical Foundations (1927)
Kobayashi Mikiko
PP. 65 - 71
The Introduction of Music GCSE: Through an Examinations on Articles in the TES
Matsushita Yuki
PP. 73 - 80
Assessment Technique in National Assessment of Educational Progress Music: An Investigation of the Report of 1997 Field Test
Sakai Yuya
PP. 81 - 88
Critical Reaction to Beethoven: Focusing on François-Joseph Fétis' Études de Beethoven
Osako Chikako
PP. 89 - 97
Rethinking of the Yale Seminar: Reevaluation of the Historical Meaning and the Acceptance
Hasegawa Ryo
PP. 99 - 106
An Approach to the Course of Study (Music) for the Elementary School in 1977 by Ministry of Education : Special Reference to the Relation to Criticism Against the Course of Study (Music) for the Elementary School in 1968
Shidoji Yu
PP. 107 - 116
A Change of Appraising in the National Curriculum (Music) in England
Umehira Asako
PP. 117 - 129
A Study of Children’s Listening-Singing Ability: With Special Reference to Difficulty Levels of Pitch Matching Skill in Each Intervals
Nomi Yoshifumi
PP. 131 - 134
Research on Theme Composition in Music Textbooks Published by Kyouiku-Shuppan: Analysis of Elementary and Junior High School Textbooks after 1980
Ishizu Makoto
PP. 135 - 142
Listening Activities in "Silver Burdett Making Music" (2008): Paid to Lessons which Use Texture/Harmony as the Main Study Element
Awaki Yoko
PP. 143 - 149
The Characteristic of Singing-Dancing at Keihanshin Area Seen in "Keihanshin-Rengo-Hoikukai-Zasshi" in the Later Meiji Period
Horie Haruka
PP. 151 - 158
The Arts (Music) of Australian Curriculum: Elementary Stage of Multicultural Education
Inouchi Shiho
PP. 159 - 169
A Study on Cultural Administration and Cultural Policy for Music in Japan: From Life-long Music Learning
Sato Ayumi
PP. 171 - 178
Music Critic Koichi Nomura's View of Record Music in "Rekodo Ongaku-dokuhon"
Sumikawa Takashi
PP. 179 - 185
Investigation into the Role of Hiroshima Public Hall in the Post-War Period: Change in Genre Repertoire Based on an Analysis of the Permits
Hotta Kanae
PP. 187 - 194
Japanese Translation
Christopher Simpson The Division-Viol, or The Art of PLAYING Ex tempore upon a GROUND. EDITIO SECVNDA Part III "The Method of ordering Division to a Ground" (3)
Kikuchi Kanako Umehira Asako Awaki Yoko Inouchi Shiho Okada Minami Sato Ayumi Sugihara Ayumi Sumikawa Takashi Hotta Kanae Horie Haruka Yamamoto Chihiro Chiba Junnosuke
PP. 213 - 216