Bulletin of music culture education
Issue 27
Date of Issue:2015-03-20
current number
ISSN : 1347-0205
Publisher : Department of Music Culture Education, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Hiroshima University
Score Reading Reconsidered : Maintaining the Fixed-Do Solfége While Replacing the Movable-Do Solfége with the Hi-fu-mi (numerical) Reading System
Ohnishi Junichi
PP. 1 - 8
Characteristics of Pulse Formation Phase of a Program for Musical Expression Development : a Qualitative Analysis with Different Forms of Nursery Education
Sano Mina
PP. 9 - 17
Characteristics of the Sixth National School Music Week in the Weimar Republic
Kudo Chiaki
PP. 19 - 24
Compulsory Education in Italian Middle School Music Departments and the Music Education Act : Textbooks Associated with the 1963 Program and Guide to Music Education
Onouchi Ai
PP. 25 - 33
Aims and Changes Related to Music Making in Elementary School Music Textbooks after 1990
Okazaki Ai
PP. 43 - 50
Sight-Singing Materials of Torazo Tamura as Used in Yonen Shoka : Kyoka Tekiyo through an Analysis of Melody
Yamada Megumi
PP. 51 - 59
Relationship between Students’ Perceptions of Teacher Support and Students’ Motivation in Music Classes
Beppu Yuko
PP. 71 - 78
Creative Activities in Music Textbooks for Primary Schools in Singapore
Moriyama Mika Ito Shin
PP. 79 - 86
School-Song Dramas of Hisashi Yamamoto
Masuda Maiko
PP. 87 - 95