Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University. Part 3, Education and human science

ISSN : 1346-5562
Publisher : Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University
The Provincial Allocation System in Chinese College Entrance Examinations: A Comparative Study
Ogawa Yoshikazu Onodera Kaori Ishii Kanako
PP. 1 - 8
A Comparison of SCAT and Ueno’s Qualitative Analysis as the Qualitative Data Analysis: A Study of Interview Data from a Kindergarten Director
Nakatsubo Fuminori Hamana Kiyoshi Yodozawa Maho Kato Nozomi Tajima Miho
PP. 9 - 18
Unconscious Biases Affect Women and Mothers
Nakatsubo Fuminori Kido Ayae Kato Nozomi Ishino Yoko
PP. 19 - 26
Zur Entwicklung und aktuellen Situation der empirischen Unterrichtsforschung in Deutschland
PP. 37 - 44
Current Discussions on the Required Professional Knowledge for University-Based Teacher Educators in Europe and the United States: Some Implications of the Paradoxical Relationship Between the Advancement in Professionalism of Teacher Educators and their Professionalization
PP. 45 - 54
Current Status and Issues Surrounding the Implementation of the “Half coming-of-age ceremony”: Exploring the goals of “special activities” and “integrated learning time”
Kawase Rumi
PP. 55 - 63
Group Formation Processes of Five-year-old Children after Trouble
Chen Linqi
PP. 65 - 71
About In-institution Training for the Purpose of Improving the Organizational Capabilities of the Authorized Child Institution
Tsukuba Koei
PP. 73 - 80
Research Trends in Janusz Korczak’s German Works: Janusz Korczak Sämtliche Werke (1996‒2010)
Matsuura Asuka
PP. 81 - 89
Weiterdenken Bildungstheoretische Didaktik im Zusammenhag der Bildung mit Wissenshcaft
Miyamoto Yuichi
PP. 91 - 100
The Relationship between Young Children’s Source Monitoring and Serial Order or Item Information in Verbal or Visuospatial Working Memory Tasks
Ozawa Ikumi
PP. 101 - 109
Comparison between False Memories Caused by Ad Hoc Lists and Associated Lists in the Deese‒Roediger‒McDermott (DRM) paradigm
Tanaka Hikaru
PP. 121 - 129
Examining How Clinical Psychologists’ Case Experiences Influence their Cinical Values
Manabe Issui
PP. 141 - 149
Effect of Competitive Fundraising: The population average treatment effect from a covariate balancing propensity score and sampling weight
Nakao Ran
PP. 151 - 159
Exploring the Image and Its Changes in Chinese Independent Colleges: Focused on students’ characteristics by type of colleges
Pan Qiujing
PP. 161 - 170