The Annual of research on early childhood
Volume 32
Date of Issue:2010-12-01
current number
ISSN : 0388-3078
Publisher : Research Institute of Early Childhood Education
Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Hiroshima University
What experience is exchange activity between preschool and primary school for preschool children? : From the analysis of the interview before and after the exchange
Hamada Shoko
PP. 11 - 19
A study on the problem and assignments of caring and teaching children from multi-cultural family in Korea : Focusing on the day care center teacher
Hyun Jung Hwan
PP. 21 - 27
Young children's knowledge of onomatopoeia
Kondo Aya Watanabe Daisuke
PP. 29 - 36
Research on sleep and life rhythm of young children : focused on sleeping behaviors of young children and their mothers
Tanaka Saori
PP. 37 - 41
Evaluation of Itinerant Service to Childcare in X City : Questionnaire survey from teacher and coordinator
Manabe Ken
PP. 43 - 52
The relationship between goal orientations of childcare and causal attribution of behavior in childcare on parents
Hamazaki Takashi Tamura Takahiro Shioji Akiko Morino Mio Kato Takashi Okamoto Kaori Yoshida Kazuki Ando Tokiwa Mitsui Rie Park Shinyoung
PP. 53 - 63
The Use of Autonomy and Spontaneity among Preschool Teachers of Kindergarten Attached to Hiroshima University
Takeuchi Hiroaki
PP. 65 - 71
A description of the biotic learning in children and the role of teacher at the breeding activity : consideration to the case about the breeding of beetles at kindergarten
Tada Yukiko Ota Noriko Inoue Satoko Sugimura Shinichiro
PP. 73 - 79
The study about cooperation of parents, caregivers and university, for children with special needs : Individualized Teaching Performance in a Day-Care Center
Sato Chie Manabe Ken Nanakida Atsushi
PP. 81 - 86
A Study on The Rite of Passage for children in Kindergarten
Ohno Ayumi Okahana Kiichiro Manabe Ken Nanakida Atsushi
PP. 87 - 94
A pre-study of the joint class lessons of "Expression" and "Language" in contents of early childhood care and education.
Kamigaki Akiko Ito Chisato Ozaki Kimihiko
PP. 95 - 100
Parent Intervention to children's transgressions : from domain-specific theory
Shibasaki Miwa
PP. 101 - 109
The Study of the Pathway how Child Finish Playing : Analysis of free play among three-, four- and five years old classes in Kindergarten
Iino Yuki Fujita Kaori Wang Luxi Takeuchi Tomohito Matsuo Masachika Takeuchi Hiroaki
PP. 111 - 116
Examination of the learning in the children's ward training of the early childhood care and education course students : Analysis about the understanding of medical related vocabulary by text mining
Irie Keita
PP. 117 - 124
Young children's understanding of stages of human development
Hamada Shoko Sugimura Shinichiro
PP. 125 - 132
A study of child care that uses laughter : Examination of utility of laughter used as means
Ota Noriko Maki Ryouta Yamasaki Akane
PP. 133 - 139