The Annual of research on early childhood
Volume 41
Date of Issue:2019-10-15
current number
ISSN : 0388-3078
Publisher : Research Institute of Early Childhood Education
Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Hiroshima University
Special Issue Articles
Original Articles
Why highly educated Japanese women are not playing a more active role in society: A case study using Ueno’s qualitative analysis method
Kato Nozomi Nakatsubo Fuminori
PP. 31 - 40
The kindergarteners find new materials in the sand pit: An analysis of children’s behavior using “niche” tools
PP. 41 - 52
Ainu culture in picture books: Analyzing the impressions of children and teachers
PP. 53 - 60
Trends and Issues of Research on Resigning and Human Resource Development of Novice Early Childhood Education and Care Teachers in Japan
Hamana Kiyoshi Nakatsubo Fuminori
PP. 61 - 74
Intelligence tests and developmental tests in early childhood education and care: A comparison between the period when Binet’s views on children and education reached Japan and the present day
Wakabayashi Sumino Nanakida Atsushi
PP. 75 - 82
Report on the Joint Forum on Early Childhood Education with Beijing Normal University in China focusing on research in Japan and China
Nanakida Atsushi Zhou Xinhui
PP. 85 - 89