The Annual of research on early childhood
Volume 40
Date of Issue:2018-10-19
current number
ISSN : 0388-3078
Publisher : Research Institute of Early Childhood Education
Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Hiroshima University
Original work paper
A Study on the Evaluation of Fröbel’s educational Activities by its Pupils and the Persons: Focusing on Fröbel’s Collection of Letters: “Mein lieber Herr Fröbel!”
Ogasawara Michio
PP. 5 - 12
The establishment of childcare practice theory and research institute of child care and education
Ogawa Hirohisa
PP. 13 - 21
Using portfolios to support parent’s child-rearing: Analysis of descriptions by parents
Matsui Gota Kataoka Motoko Suizu Sachie
PP. 23 - 31
Changes in elements of body movement in musical expression of kindergarten children: Through a quantitative analysis of musical expression mainly including rhythmic activity
Sano Mina
PP. 33 - 40
The Possibility of ECERS and SSTEW as View Point of Process Quality over Countries: Focusing on the Practices of Asia-Pacific Region
Yodozawa Maho Dinh Thi Thu Hang Nakatsubo Fuminori
PP. 41 - 48
The Actual Conditions of creation and utilization of the Records of Children with Disabilities during the School Transition Period: A Survey of Early Childhood Facilities and Elementary Schools
Etchu Koji Ueda Harutomo Wakabayashi Sumino Hamada Shoko Okahana Kiichiro Nakanishi Sayaka Hirose Makiko Matui Gota Yashima Minako Yamazaki Akira
PP. 49 - 60
Review of studies on teachers’ understanding of children’s behaviors and characteristics: With a focus on cognitive processes
Ueyama Rutsuko Sugimura Shinichiro
PP. 61 - 71
Relationship Between Baby’s Emotion Regulation and Warabe-uta: Baby’s issue with the development of other relationships
Motooka Mihoko Nanakida Atsushi
PP. 73 - 82
Construction of Childcare Support Program for two-children families: From Cooperation with Higashi-Hiroshima City Childcare Support Centers
Nanakida Atsushi Shimizu Hisayo Sugimura Shinichiro Nakatsubo Fuminori Tsugawa Noriko Tomita Masako Mori Yoriko Zhou Xinhui Motooka Mihoko
PP. 83 - 91