Journal of international cooperation in education
Volume 26
Issue 1
Date of Issue:2023-10-31
current number
PRINT ISSN : 1344-2996
ONLINE ISSN : 1344-7998
Publisher : Center for the Study of International Cooperation in Education, Hiroshima University
Research Note
Challenges to “The Full-Time School” in Latin America and the difficulties they face
PP. 1 - 15
Narrative review of the effects of teaching methods for improvement of learner’s academic performance in Sub-Saharan Africa
HAMA Yoshie
PP. 17 - 34
Cross-Cultural Connections: Trade Games Uniting Japanese and Brazilian Children in Kakamigahara City
PP. 35 - 48
International education using ICT in integrated studies and English classes: Designing classrooms through collaboration
ASAKURA Takamichi OTA Yoshu OBA Francis Hikaru
PP. 49 - 55
The Pitfalls of the Protection Policy of Trafficking in Persons in Thailand: Survivors’ Lives After Trafficking
SATO Hitomi KUSAKABE Tatsuya
PP. 57 - 76
The Study of the Cultural Resources in Jogjakarta, Indonesia: Café, Food-stands, and Smoking as Unplanned Places for Political Socialization
OBA Francis Hikaru KUSAKABE Tatsuya
PP. 77 - 89
The Seventh International Conference on Adult Education and International Cooperation in Adult Literacy
PP. 91 - 97