Hiroshima journal of school education
Volume 19
Date of Issue:2013-03-21
current number
ISSN : 1341-111X
Publisher : Center for School Education Research and Development, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences,
Hiroshima University
Study suport for an elementary school child who is underachiever
Tamura Rena Oka Naoki Kifune Noriyuki Toyama Chie
PP. 1 - 10
Individual learning support for solving mathematical problemsexpressed in words : Focusing on the strategy of diagrams use
Shimamura Yuki Tokushima Saho Oka Naoki Miyatani Makoto
PP. 11 - 20
A cognitive counseling for a child is weak in calculation by using textbooks and memorized multiplication
Nakamura Ryo Oka Naoki
PP. 21 - 28
A cognitive counseling for a junior high school student with weakness in mathematics : An instruction in the numerical calculation.
Tanaka Saeko Ikeda Tomoyo Oka Naoki Miyatani Makoto
PP. 29 - 36
Comparing Niko Niko Room's educational support effects of university students, elementary students, and guardians (5) : Questionnaires from 2011
Kodama Makiko Oka Naoki Kojima Nanae Kifune Noriyuki Toyama Chie
PP. 37 - 43
A school of thought on class administration forming the foundation for inclusive education : Autonomous class group inclusive of children with developmental disorders, underachiever and so on
Wakamatsu Akihiko Taninaka Ryuso
PP. 45 - 55
Youth Service and "Ibasho" : Practice of Youth Service in US and Japan
Edahiro Kazunori Nakamura Takashi Yamasaki Akane Nagae Ayako Kurihara Shinji
PP. 57 - 64
A Support Program for poverty group by Department of Education in USA : From inspection of Specialized High Schools Institute
Nakamura Takashi Edahiro Kazunori Nagae Ayako Yamasaki Akane Yonezawa Takashi Kurihara Shinji
PP. 65 - 71
Study on the Comprehensive School Counseling and Guidance Approach in the United States : From inspection at PBIS
Nagae Ayako Yamasaki Akane Nakamura Takashi Edahiro Kazunori Ericson Yukiko Kurihara Shinji
PP. 73 - 82
Inspection about Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning
Yamasaki Akane Nagae Ayako Yamada Yohei Edahiro Kazunori Nakamura Takashi Yamasaki Chiho Kurihara Shinji
PP. 83 - 87
Developing Reading Activities by Litearture Circles : In the Case of a Japanese Language Arts Classroom
Yamamoto Takaharu Igawa Ayuko
PP. 89 - 99
Considerations Regarding the Way Teaching "Shosha" Should establish a Mutually Complementary Relationship with Teaching "Traditional Linguistic Culture"
Matsumoto Hitoshi Isono Mika
PP. 101 - 111
The Effectiveness of the Shadowing for Intermediate Chinese Learners of Japanese in China : By using the shadowing and oral repeated reading training in Japanese classes
Matsumi Norio Han Xiao Yu Yifan Sato Tomoaki Hi Gyoto Tome Moriyuki Matsubara Ai
PP. 113 - 122
The Effects of Diagram Use on Word Problem Solving Processes
Oka Naoki Ikeda Yuri
PP. 123 - 128
An educational program for the unit of "Function of Running Water" in Science at the fifth grade using a transparent round shape water tank
Yamasaki Hirofumi Oishi Katsuko Wakisaka Masaki Tanaka Yosuke Kanemoto Fumio
PP. 129 - 135
Developing a Field Work Training Program for Understanding of a Formation Process of an Accretionary Complex and its Evaluation
PP. 137 - 146
Research Development of an Art Appreciation Unit of the Arts and Crafts to Develop Children's Aesthetic Perception : Based on the Concepts of the Kettering Project and the Aesthetic Eye Project
Nakamura Kazuyo Aoyama Masue
PP. 147 - 160
Research and Study on the Nutrition Education Programs for the Homemaking in Elementary School of the Inclusive Education : Analysis of Learning Process of Child with Developmental Disabilities
Ito Keiko Yamasaki Yuko
PP. 161 - 170
A kinesiological study on pupils' observations of the demonstrations video : Focusing on the gymnastics in the physical education class of the elementary school
PP. 171 - 178
Content analysis of motion descriptions : Focusing on the change of observations before and after class
Osedo Kazuki Kubo Kenji
PP. 179 - 185
For a Smooth Transition from Elementary School Foreign Language Activities to Junior High School English : Principles and Practices in Oasa Junior High School
Ono Akira Saito Satoko
PP. 187 - 193
A Study of Senior High School Teachers' L1 Use in the English Language Classroom in Japan : From Retrospective Reports by University Students
Fukazawa Seiji Ito Mika Yamauchi Yuka Morinaga Kazuhito
PP. 195 - 203
Information Provision Regarding Japanese Special Needs Education to the Community Residents : Information on the Website of the Local Elementary Schools and the Educational Boards of Cities and Towns
Tanimoto Tadaaki Watase Haruka
PP. 213 - 218
The Construction of Economics for Education Training Courses About Diminishing Cost Industry
PP. 219 - 224
PP. 225 - 235
Fixation of Basic Knowledge on the Home Economics (Dietary Life) for the Students of the Department of Education for Elementary School
PP. 237 - 246
The study on the Professional Development of Teaching in Physical Education : Focusing the View on Teaching in Physical Education of An Elementary School Teacher A in His Life History
Kihara Seiichiro Murakami Akihiko
PP. 247 - 258
A Report on Overseas Teaching Practicum by Graduate Students in Elementary/Secondary Schools in the United States (VI)
Kobara Tomoyuki Fukazawa Seiji Asakura Atsushi Matsuura Taketo Matsumiya Nagako Butsusaki Haruna Yokoi Ryoya Otani Yuki Seto Koki Nishimura Shotaro Mori Reika Kitamura Mariko
PP. 259 - 270
Practice of experience and study activities dealing with the living thing of the sea and the beach (11)
Torigoe Kenji Tomikawa Ko Ohtsuka Susumu
PP. 271 - 277