Hiroshima journal of school education
Volume 10
Date of Issue:2004-03-20
current number
ISSN : 1341-111X
Publisher : Center for School Education Research and Development, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences,
Hiroshima University
An Empirical Study on Trainees' Concern about Teaching in Physical Education at the Attached Primary Schools of the Hiroshima University, No.2
Kihara Seiichiro Shigemi Noritaka Matsuda Yasusada
PP. 1 - 10
The Apprehension for the Teacher of Social Studies at the Junior High School on No Learning "Economics"
PP. 21 - 30
Experience and Study Activities Dealing with the Basic Marine Biology at the Sea and the Sea Shore (2)
Torigoe Kenji Ohtsuka Susumu
PP. 95 - 100
Contents and Practices for Learning "Information Networks and Communications" in Subject of "Information C" in High Schools
Tokuda Makoto Yamamoto Toru
PP. 111 - 118
Development of Moral Classes using Materials including Moral Dilemma
Suzuki Yumiko Matsuda Yoshiaki Nakao Kyouko Imanaga Yasutaka
PP. 119 - 135
A Reconsideration of 3-H Art Education (3) : Three Requisites for the Establishment of 3-H Art Education
PP. 169 - 179
Development and Utilization of Exhibition Materials for Biology Education
Takeshita Shunji Tamai Kayoko Nishikawa Shinji
PP. 181 - 187
A Tentative Plan to Use River Bed Gravels as Teaching Materials on the Basis of Regional Geology : In the Case of Fukuyama Area
Shimohisayoshi Hironobu Yamasaki Hirofumi
PP. 189 - 196
An Analysis of Useful-feeling and Self-evaluated Achievements on Art Education in Junior High School : from Investigation to the Adult
PP. 247 - 253