Hiroshima journal of school education
Volume 15
Date of Issue:2009-03-20
current number
ISSN : 1341-111X
Publisher : Center for School Education Research and Development, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences,
Hiroshima University
A Case Study on the Effectiveness of the Trial Teaching in Physical Education for the Initial Teacher Training (Part II) : The Elements that Students Find out through Watching the Film of Teaching in Physical Education
Kihara Seiichirou Murai Jun Kadomoto Hitoshi Xie Juan Matsushita Atsushi Lin Nan Matsuda Yasusada
PP. 29 - 37
A Case Study on the Effect of the Consecutive Trial Teachings : Use of Soft Volley Ball as Teaching Contents
Murai Jun Matsuda Yasusada Kihara Seiichiro
PP. 39 - 48