Journal of international cooperation in education

PRINT ISSN : 1344-2996
ONLINE ISSN : 1344-7998
Publisher : Center for the Study of International Cooperation in Education, Hiroshima University
The Change of Educational Practice in a Junior High School in Rural Area of Vietnam
Sekiguchi, Yohei;
PP. 1 - 14
A Study of African International Students in Japan: Analyzing the Process of Their Destination Choice
Sakuma, Akane; Kawaguchi, Jun;
PP. 15 - 31
Factors Affecting Student Learning Outcomes in Ghanaian Junior High Schools: A Comparative Study of High and Low-performing Schools
Nishimukai, Mikako;
PP. 33 - 45
Higher Education Policy Development and Brain Drain in Sudan: A Case Study in Khartoum
Kurokawa, Chiemi;
PP. 47 - 60
Research Note
Current Situation and Challenges of Formative Assessment in Developing Countries
Shibuya, Kazuro; Kambara, Kazuyuki;
PP. 61 - 74
Systematization of post-compulsory education for the working youth : Japanese Experiences
Saito, Yasuo;
PP. 75 - 88