Journal of Learning Science

ISSN : 1883-8200
Publisher : Department of Learning Sciences, Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University
A Study on Digitization of Reflection Methods: Focusing on "Proactive, Interactive and Deep Learning"
YASUMORI, Tomohiko;
PP. 3 - 11
The Relationship among Perceptions toward Health Support, Motivation, and Competence for Healthy Eating
KATO, Yoshiko; KUROKAWA, Michinori; KUROKAWA, Hiromi;
PP. 13 - 21
Description Analysis of Craft Activities in Japanese Elementary School Science Textbooks
TERAMOTO, Takahiro; NAKAMURA, Daiki; MITSUI, Toshiya; YAMANAKA, Kenji;
PP. 23 - 31
How to Use Career Passport and In Relation to the Career Guidance / Career Education
MATSUYAMA, Yasunari;
PP. 33 - 42
How is “Active Leaning” accepted at Japanese high schools? : Findings from the questionnaire surveys for high-school students and teachers
SUZUKI, Akio; AWAZU, Shunji;
PP. 43 - 52
The influence of future image and self-esteem on employment anxiety: Comparison between students whose desired career is teacher and others
EMOTO, Takumi; KODAMA, Makiko;
PP. 53 - 61
A Study on the Collaborative Reflection Process of Preservice Teachers in the Community of Practice: Focusing on the Reflection Sessions in the Friendship Project
PP. 63 - 73
A consideration regarding change of students after better class management using UDL: An attention to desirable self-esteem and better attitudes toward learning
PP. 75 - 83
The Role of School Business Manager in the Realization of Team Schools: From Free Description Analysis of the principal / School Business Manager Survey
SUWA, Hidehiro; KAWAGUCHI, Yumiko; SAKUMA, Kunitomo;
PP. 85 - 94
Caregivers' Assessments of Children with Attachment and Developmental Issues and Prospects for Training: Through Comparison between Japan and China
LIU, Yijie;
PP. 95 - 104
Examining support strategies for students in school maladaptation: From the perspective of screening using Hyper-QU
PP. 105 - 112
A Pedagogical Study of Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL): theoretical perspectives and practices
BAE, Jiyun; SUTANI, Yayoi;
PP. 113 - 122
Effects of cooperative learning incorporating self-evaluation by achievement evaluation on children's autonomous learning behavior and Self-efficacy toward learning
SANADA, Shigeto; KURIHARA, Shinji;
PP. 123 - 129
The Effect of Infusion Approach Lessons on Students' Attitudes to Think Ahead
ISOBE, Hiroaki; SHIGEEDA, Takaaki; MIYAKI, Hideo; OKIBAYASHI, Yohei;
PP. 131 - 139
Survey on Child Rearing Through Cooperation and Collaboration Between Schools, Parents, and the Community: Focusing on Community School
SUWA, Hidehiro; DAITEN, Mayumi; Mayumi(Tanaka), Maho;
PP. 141 - 149
A Study on Continuous Home Education Support Based on the "Comprehensive Support Centers for Families with Children": A case of H City, H Prefecture
ZHAO, Shuo; FUJII, Hitomi; LU, Zhongqi;
PP. 151 - 159
Practice of math learning guidance using mutual explanation method in group lessons
SUMIDA, Hiroko;
PP. 161 - 170
Research Materials
A review of research on career development of elementary school, junior high school and high school students: Focusing on career development research in Japan from 2011 to 2021
HORII, Junpei;
PP. 171 - 180