Journal of Learning Science

ISSN : 1883-8200
Publisher : Department of Learning Sciences, Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University
A Development of the Theory of Aesthetic Education (2): Sensation and Sensitivity
Higuchi, Satoshi;
PP. 3 - 12
Some philosophical issues relating to identity, personhood, ethics, knowledge, language, culture, and education
Splitter, Laurance J.; Sutani, Yayoi; Higuchi, Satoshi;
PP. 23 - 32
The effect of anticipated regret based on regret in past on sense of self-positiveness
Aoki, Tazuko; Ueda, Ayaka; Ohta, Riku;
PP. 33 - 38
Effects of Teachers' and Students' Beliefs about Cooperative Learning on Academic Help-Seeking: Focusing on Differences between Elementary Schools and Middle Schools
Nosaki, Hidemasa;
PP. 39 - 49
How Occurs the Awareness of and the Acceptance of being Asexual?: Case study by life-story interview
Yoshioka, Mariko;
PP. 61 - 70
The effect of explanation to others on the speaker's comprehension: Using mother tongue and second language
Yang, Jianing;
PP. 71 - 79
Does the Group Size during a Picture Book-reading Affect the Pre-school Children's Response?
Yoshioka, Mariko; Furuie, Haruka; Inoue, Wataru;
PP. 81 - 89
Factors that prompt international students to participate in Reading activities: Using path analysis to develop a relational model
Yang, Jianing; Inoue, Wataru;
PP. 91 - 97
research note
Trends and Issues of Child-rearing Support Measures in Japan
Zhao, Shuo; Fujii, Hitomi; Lin, Peng; Fei, Xiaodong;
PP. 99 - 105
A Study on Learning of Teacher Aspiring Students in Primary Teacher Education Curriculum (1)
Yonezawa, Takashi; Kodama, Makiko; Yamauchi, Noritsugu;
PP. 107 - 116