Hiroshima Journal of Medical Sciences Volume 57 Issue 1
published_at 2008-03

Multiple Concurrent Anastomotic Procedures in the Management of Moyamoya Disease : A case report with review of literature

Shrestha Prabin
Ohba Shinji
Shibukawa Masaaki
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It has already been proved by many studies that surgical revascularization definitely helps in curing the symptoms of moyamoya vasculopathy. In this regard, we present a case of moyamoya disease which was cured by concurrent multiple anastomotic procedures, namely superficial temporal artery (STA), middle cerebral artery (MCA) anastomosis, encephalomyosynangiosis (EMS) and encephalogaleosynangiosis (EGS). A 24-year-old woman presented with symptoms of cerebral ischemia. Thorough investigation with MRA and MRI revealed moyamoya vasculopathy and was confirmed by cerebral angiogram. Multiple concurrent combined anastomotic procedures on both sides relieved the symptoms, which was also confirmed angiographically. A Combination of multiple direct and indirect procedures covers the whole ischemic cortical area and provides effective neovascularization.
Moyamoya disease
STA-MCA anastomosis
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