The Bulletin of the Center for Special Needs Education Research and Practice, Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University

ISSN : 1883-5406
Publisher : The Center for Special Needs Education Research and Practice, Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University
Original Articles
Research Achievements in Use and Comprehension of Local Dialect in Japan on Children/Person with Autism Spectrum Disorders.
Matsumoto, Toshiharu; Kikuchi, Kazufumi; Hashimoto, Yosuke;
PP. 1 - 10
Who is the“ Persons with disabilities” for teachers? : A case study of social studies teacher at a Japanese high school
Kubo, Haruna; Kawaguchi, Hiromi;
PP. 11 - 18
Survey of orientation and mobility training in a special needs school for student with visual impairments.
Ujima, Kazuhito; Ueshiro, Azusa;
PP. 19 - 28
Effect of gait environment on veering index in gait assessment
Kadowaki, Hiroki; Ujima, Kazuhito; Mutaguchi, Tatsumi;
PP. 29 - 36
Practical Research
Curriculum management at a special support school by the School Management Council : Analysis of planning and management utilizing facilitation skills
Kubo, Makiko; Higashiguchi, Keiko; Chikurinji, Takeshi;
PP. 37 - 47
Practical study of self-reliance activities in children with intellectual disabilities : Focusing on the process from understanding the actual situation to setting goals
Mohri, Shino;
PP. 49 - 57
Educational Curriculum Formation in Intellectual Disability Education based on Crosssectional Perspective in Curriculum Management : With Cooperative Approach and the Points regarding Treatment of the Contents
Wakamatsu, Ryota ; Tusnemori, Toshio;
PP. 59 - 70
Consideration for the Actions of Class Improvement and Curriculum Management at the Hiroshima Prefectural Hatsukaichi Special Needs School
Kataoka, Ai; Hirakawa, Yasuhiro;
PP. 71 - 81
Brief Note
How much do college students know about developmental disabilities, and what do they think about reasonable accommodations?
Murakami, Rie; Yoshitomi, Munehisa; Tsushima, Yasuko;
PP. 83 - 90
日本の特別なニーズのある外国籍生徒のためのインクルーシブ教育 : The Maximizing Potential in Japan International Academy による取組
Kawai, Norimune; Matsumiya, Nagako; Otani, Midori; Kawatani, Noriko; Ward, William J. ;
PP. 91 - 98
Study on Class Activities in the Special Needs School Created in Cooperation with the Local Community:Special Needs Education Practical Research Enhancement Project Designated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
Ochiai, Toshiro; Hiraoka, Katsuya; Iida, Emiko;
PP. 99 - 109