Bulletin of theory and practice in secondary education

ISSN : 1349-7782
Publisher : Hiroshima University High School
Teaching practice to build a social consensus on the issue of cell-based meat in Japan: Through discussing issues of post-normal science
PP. 11 - 18
A classroom practice with respect to virtue of considering complex numbers in terms of figures and equations.
PP. 19 - 25
Practical Application of Inquiry-Based Learning and its Assessment in Basic Geoscience: Developing a Study that Infers the Earth's Activity Based on the Characteristics of Igneous Rocks
PP. 27 - 38
Curriculum Development for ‘English Logic and Expression Ⅱ Toward Mutual Complementation between Human and AI: Through Instruction on “Accuracy” and “Appropriacy”
PP. 39 - 48
Definition of the terms, “the outline” and “the main points,” in the Course of Study for Foreign Languages
PP. 49 - 55
Three springboard questions to write a reader-relevant essay
PP. 57 - 63
Development of Teaching Materials for Home Economics that Foster Transformational Competencies: Can Beans Save the Future?
PP. 65 - 76