Bulletin of theory and practice in secondary education
Issue 65
Date of Issue:2019-03-31
current number
ISSN : 1349-7782
Publisher : Hiroshima University High School
Version (4) of Reading: The site of discourse creation
PP. 3 - 12
Reading education in actual reading situations
PP. 13 - 19
Overcoming conflicts II: A tentative new subject “Community Study”: Class on international laws with a special focus on intuition
PP. 21 - 36
Proposal for a High School Statistics Curriculum: Discretionary Lesson Subjects in Statistics for Science
PP. 43 - 51
Development of Curriculum to Train Perspectives and Thinking abaut the Earth
PP. 53 - 67
Introduction to Parasports in Elective Course
Hashimoto Naoko Shigemoto Takafumi
PP. 69 - 74
A track-and-field (a hurdle race) practice to realize self-motivated learning.
Matsumoto Shigeru
PP. 75 - 79
Consideration of developing oral interaction ability: focusing on peripheral skills of speaking
PP. 81 - 86
Developing Contents for English Department SSH Subjects
PP. 87 - 97