Bulletin of theory and practice in secondary education

ISSN : 1349-7782
Publisher : Hiroshima University High School
Suzuki, Yumiko;
Effect of Using the Toulmin Model in Reading Expository Texts
PP. 3 - 12
The Two Constructive Principles in “Science and Ethics” and the Developmental Structure Including These Principles: “The 3 pillars principle” intending integration but stopping at synthesis, “the 2 pillars principle” intending autonomy, and the developmental structure of “synthesis → autonomy → integration”
TAKATA, Satoru;
PP. 21 - 38
Development and Validation of Role-play Materials in Mathematics Classes: Let's Decide the Price of Pizza
INOUE, Yuuki;
PP. 39 - 47
A Study on Teaching Geometric Construction based on the Expectation of the Student Using a Computer
INOUE, Yoshifumi;
PP. 49 - 55
Ingenuity of Questions in Figure Instruction
PP. 57 - 60
A Trial of Online Teaching in High School Chemistry: Development and Delivery of On-demand Teaching Materials
KUTSUNUGI, Yuuki; UTSUMI, Riyoichi; HIRAMATSU, Atsushi;
PP. 61 - 66
Teaching Strategies Plan for Exploring Nature Using Scientific Perspectives and Thoughts: Learning to Examine the Climate in Japan
SUGITA, Taiichi;
PP. 67 - 74
A Challenge to Improvised Conversation in English by 2nd Grade Junior-High School Students: A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of the Conversation
HISAMATSU, Narichika;
PP. 75 - 80
An Inductive Approach to Teaching Logical Writing in a High School EFL Classroom
PP. 81 - 90
Class Proposals that Incorporate Language Activities in "Japanese Language(Logic)": A case of "To be" and "To do"(by Masao Maruyama)
MINE, Naomi;
PP. 102 - 91