Hiroshima Peace Science
Volume 37
Date of Issue:2016-03
current number
PRINT ISSN : 0386-3565
ONLINE ISSN : 2434-9135
Publisher : The Center for Peace, Hiroshima University
Historical Position of Baekje(百済) Relief War : The Served “Ancestor of Mitani(三谷)Gunji(郡司)” and the Exiled Baekje Monk Gusai(弘済)
PP. 1 - 17
The Nearly Established but Collapsed Consensus on the Atomic Bombings of Japan : A Historiographical Essay
Yamada Yasuhiro
PP. 19 - 31
Field Projection Device of Atomic Bomb Dome by Augmented Reality
Nishimura Norihisa Sakaguchi Takuya Yamashita Akihiro
PP. 33 - 44
The UN High-level Independent Panel Report and the Current State of UN Peace Operations: Implications of “Primacy of Politics” and “Partnership Peace Operations”
Shinoda Hideaki
PP. 45 - 56
An Analysis over the Thoughts of Atomic Bomb Survivors : From the Viewpoints of Hatred and Sense of Responsibility for Atomic Bomb Devastation
Kawamoto Hiroyuki Kawano Noriyuki
PP. 57 - 68
Outline of the Law on Social Protection of Citizens Suffered from Nuclear Tests in Semipalatinsk Conducted by the Former Soviet Union
Takemine Seiichiro Kawano Noriyuki Muldagaliyev Talgat Apsalikov Kazbek
PP. 69 - 93
OECD/NEA Halden Reactor Project in Norway : A Study of Establishment of a Multinational Nuclear Center for Excellence in a Country without NPPs
PP. 95 - 111
The meaning and issues about community development with civic collaboration in provincial city -Case study of Eco-net Higashi-Hiroshima
PP. 113 - 127
Research Note
Action and Evacuation Procedures of Disabled People at the Occurrence of Great East Japan Disaster : Based on the Instance of Soma-City
Eto Yuko Kawano Noriyuki
PP. 129 - 138