Hiroshima Peace Science
Volume 44
Date of Issue:2023-03
current number
PRINT ISSN : 0386-3565
ONLINE ISSN : 2434-9135
Publisher : The Center for Peace, Hiroshima University
Trends and Achievements in Peace Education Research since the 2000s
PP. 1 - 24
A Comparative Analysis of Foreign Policy Speeches of 2012 and 2022
MIKAMI Takanori
PP. 25 - 44
Research Note
Residual Radiation Data and Methods to Draw the Graphs Used in NHK Special “Atomic Bomb Initial Investigation: Hidden Truth”
PP. 45 - 63
Online Survey of Students' Perceptions of Peace on the 77th Anniversary of the Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Preliminary Results
PP. 65 - 86
Book Review Essay
Intertwining Power-Politics and Resonating Threat Perceptions: The Unstable Persian Gulf Regional Order and the Prospects of ‘Advanced Sultanism’?
PP. 87 - 103
In Memory of Mushanokoji Kinhide: With the History of Peace Studies in Japan
SATO Yukio
PP. 105 - 107