Hiroshima Peace Science
Volume 23
Date of Issue:2001
current number
PRINT ISSN : 0386-3565
ONLINE ISSN : 2434-9135
Publisher : The Center for Peace, Hiroshima University
Nuclear Weapons and International Humanitarian Law as Jus Cogens: The Problem of jus in bello and jus ad bellum or Law and Politics in the Advisory Opinion of the International Court of Justice on the Legality of the Use and the Threat of Nuclear Weapons
Shinoda hideaki
PP. 1 - 24
Systematizing Peace Studies
Kurino Ohtori
PP. 41 - 47
The International Trend of Peace Education in the 1990s
PP. 49 - 71
The Process of a University Student Coping With Her Xenophobia against Overseas Students
PP. 73 - 93
An Essay on the Hierarchy of Languages
Matsuo Masatsugu
PP. 95 - 121
Nonkilling Korea : Building a Peace Structure on the Korean Peninsula
Paige Glenn D.
PP. 123 - 148