Hiroshima Peace Science
Volume 36
Date of Issue:2015-03
current number
PRINT ISSN : 0386-3565
ONLINE ISSN : 2434-9135
Publisher : The Center for Peace, Hiroshima University
Mahatma Gandhi and Atomic Bomb : Nuclear Deterrence and the Meanings of Nonviolence Movement
PP. 1 - 24
The Principle of Impartiality in UN Peacekeeping Operations and the Shift of Understanding of International Order
Shinoda Hideaki
PP. 25 - 37
English debating classes to nurture Japanese university students who could sustain democracy from a global perspective : developing accountability, critical thinking, and English abilities
Mikami Takanori
PP. 39 - 59
Revisiting the Asian Medical Organization : An analysis of its political processes, lessons, and legacy
PP. 61 - 73
Concept of Peace in Nagasaki : Analysis of Nagasaki Peace Declaration
PP. 75 - 100
An Attempt at “Peace Education” at Hiroshima University through a Short-Term Study Abroad Program <Research Note>
PP. 117 - 126