Hiroshima Peace Science
Volume 34
Date of Issue:2012
current number
PRINT ISSN : 0386-3565
ONLINE ISSN : 2434-9135
Publisher : The Center for Peace, Hiroshima University
A Study on Peace Education in Okinawa : By the Survey of the Pimary and Junior High School Students
PP. 33 - 59
Planning Process of Hiroshima Peace Park Project by Kenzo Tange
PP. 61 - 91
The Safety Fears for Osprey
Yamashita Akihiro
PP. 93 - 115
The U.S. Involvement in the Asia Pacific : The Administrative History of Guam under the Naval Government
PP. 117 - 143
The psychological effects and their causes among residents living near the Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site
Hirabayashi Kyoko Kawano Noriyuki Muldagaliyev Talgat Apsalikov Kazbek Ohtaki Megu
PP. 145 - 160
The Previous Research of Korean Atomic bomb Survivors and the Problems to be Solved
Shin Hyung-keun Kawano Noriyuki
PP. 161 - 187
To What Degree HaveHiroshima University Students Understood the A-bomb Afflictions?
PP. 189 - 208