Hiroshima Psychological Research

PRINT ISSN : 1347-1619
ONLINE ISSN : 2759-0968
Publisher : Department of Psychology, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences,
Hiroshima University
Belief in school meritocracy and the legitimization of gender inequality: A reexamination of Batruch et al. (2023) in Japan
Morinaga Yasuko Mitsui Yuna Sato Kaho Nakao Marina Hagino Mina Honda Yui
PP. 1 - 12
Associations between career choice anxiety, career exploration and critical thinking attitudes among adolescents
Oda Mami Kobayashi Ryota Lee Sumin Noritake Yoshihide
PP. 13 - 20
Who is hesitant to speak up and feel less psychologically safe within the organization?: Differences by gender, nationality, and disability
Ogawa Shion Lee Sumin Nakashima Ken’ichiro
PP. 21 - 35
Review for research on psychological experiences of parents of children with developmental disabilities.
Jogan Kota Kamite Yuka
PP. 36 - 48
Examination and reconsideration of over-adaptation: How are junior high-school children and undergraduates with over-adaptation evaluated by their parents?
Imada Nao Abe Natsuki Nakashima Ken’ichiro
PP. 49 - 64
Literature Review on the Role of Religion in Mourning Work
Takahashi Kazuma Ishida Yumi
PP. 65 - 85
Hiroshima Psychological Research No.23
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