Daigaku ronshu: Research in higher education

 This is study bulletin which is a core of research activities at Research Institutes for Higher Education (RIHE). It features academic essays and research reports along with book reviews in the field of higher education. Most of these articles are written in Japanese, however English abstracts are added to each article. It has been publishing annually since 1973.

Publisher : Research Institute
for Higher Education,
Hiroshima University
ISSN : 0302-0142
On the Survival of Higher Education as an Organization: Self-discipline
Fujimura, Masashi;
PP. 1 - 17
Organizational Reform and Reconstruction of Undergraduate Education at National Universities: The Interrelationship between Disciplines, Faculty Arrangement and Curriculum
Ogata, Naoyuki; Tateishi, Shinji; Kushimoto, Takeshi;
PP. 19 - 34
Effects of Private University Management Reform
Matsumiya, Shinji;
PP. 35 - 49
A Qualitative Analysis of the Class Cycle of Careers Education Subjects Focused on the Process of Changing their Teachers’ Recognition: Adapting the M-GTA method
Miyata, Hirokazu;
PP. 51 - 66
Tree Theory and Careers Education: The Axioms and the Interpretation
Kitagaki, Ikuo;
PP. 67 - 81
Debt Financing in US Universities in and after the Financial Crisis
Mizuta, Kensuke;
PP. 83 - 99
Applicability of Measurement Methods in Higher Education: A Case Study of University Governance
Nakao, Ran;
PP. 101 - 116