Daigaku ronshu: Research in higher education

 This is study bulletin which is a core of research activities at Research Institutes for Higher Education (RIHE). It features academic essays and research reports along with book reviews in the field of higher education. Most of these articles are written in Japanese, however English abstracts are added to each article. It has been publishing annually since 1973.

Publisher : Research Institute
for Higher Education,
Hiroshima University
ISSN : 0302-0142
Bipolarization of National University Corporations: An Analysis of Financial Statements of NUCs: 2004-2015
Fujimura, Masashi;
PP. 1 - 16
A Study on Recruiting Foreign Students in Japanese Companies: A False Image of Highly Skilled Talent
Li, Min;
PP. 17 - 32
日本における留学生移民 : 新しい移民の道筋におけるライフコースの考察
Brotherhood, Thomas;
PP. 33 - 48
Considering the Relationship between Private University Reform Type 1, Educational Investment, and the Rate of Seating Capacity
Matsumiya, Shinji;
PP. 49 - 64
Decision-making and Faculty Collegiality in Japanese Universities
Amano, Tomomi;
PP. 65 - 78
Quality Assurance for Undergraduate Programs at Low-prestige Universities: Actual Situations of Quality Assurance
Kuzuki, Koichi;
PP. 79 - 94
Change of Human needs and the Role of Graduates of Japanese Universities: Case Study from Thailand
Sato, Yuriko;
PP. 95 - 109
An Empirical Analysis of Quitting Job to Care for Elderly Dependents and the Working Environment of Staff in Higher Education Institutions: A Case Study of Tohoku University
Yoshida, Hiroshi; Chen, Fengming;
PP. 111 - 126
How were Foreign Language Courses Excluded from General Education Curriculum in Post-war Reforms: A Study on the Transition of the Discourses inside JUAA
Fan, Yizhou;
PP. 127 - 142
Understanding the Changing Circumstances of Chinese Independent Colleges under the Influence of Policies Promoting their Development: Focus on the Diversity of Institutions
Pan, QiuJing;
PP. 143 - 158