Daigaku ronshu: Research in higher education
Issue 52
Date of Issue:2020-03
current number
Publisher : Research Institute
for Higher Education,
Hiroshima University
ISSN : 0302-0142
On the Survival of Higher Education as an Organization: Self-discipline
PP. 1 - 17
Organizational Reform and Reconstruction of Undergraduate Education at National Universities: The Interrelationship between Disciplines, Faculty Arrangement and Curriculum
Ogata Naoyuki Tateishi Shinji Kushimoto Takeshi
PP. 19 - 34
Effects of Private University Management Reform
Matsumiya Shinji
PP. 35 - 49
A Qualitative Analysis of the Class Cycle of Careers Education Subjects Focused on the Process of Changing their Teachers’ Recognition: Adapting the M-GTA method
Miyata Hirokazu
PP. 51 - 66
Tree Theory and Careers Education: The Axioms and the Interpretation
Kitagaki Ikuo
PP. 67 - 81
Debt Financing in US Universities in and after the Financial Crisis
Mizuta Kensuke
PP. 83 - 99
Applicability of Measurement Methods in Higher Education: A Case Study of University Governance
Nakao Ran
PP. 101 - 116