Hiroshima Daigaku Fuzoku Mihara Gakkoen kenkyu kiyo

ISSN : 2185-5242
発行元 : 広島大学附属三原幼稚園
Proving Environment Composition and Teachers' Interaction Encouraging Children to Move Their Bodies Actively: Through Modification of Three-year-old Children
Kake, Shiho;
PP. 12 - 18
Proving How Environment and Assistance should be to Develop Children's Germs of Morality: Through Practices of Four-year-old Children Interacting with Others in the Same and Different Ages
Nakayama, Fumiko;
PP. 19 - 26
Proving Environment and Assistance to Enable Children to Play Cooperating with Others: Focusing on Activities of Five-year-old Children Working with a Common Aim
Kimioka, Tomochika;
PP. 27 - 34
Teachers' interactions developing children's germs of morality
Hirokane, Mutuki;
PP. 35 - 40
Approaches Concerning about "The Role of School Nurse Required School Health"
Sahara, Miho;
PP. 41 - 46
Developing Classes to Cultivate "the Qualities and Capabilities of Aiming at the Fostering of Abilities in Japanese": Through the Practice of "Ya! is the Beginning" in the First Year
Fuchiyama, Shingo;
PP. 47 - 52
The Japanese Learning on Experiencing a New Fun of Reading Story: Through Class Practice of Unit "The Loudest Noise in the World" in Fourth Grade Elementary School
Sugikawa, Chigusa;
PP. 53 - 60
A Study on Development of the Social Study Class to Deepen the Consideration to the Low Birth Rate: Through the Practice of Class "TV and Family" in Fourth Grade Elementary Students
Umeno, Eiji;
PP. 61 - 67
A study on Development of Math Class to Foster the Concept of Probability: Thorough the Lesson Practice "Addition (2)" in the First Grade Elementary School
Hayama, Fumiko;
PP. 68 - 75
A study on Development of Math Class to Form the Concept of Probability: Focusing on Perspectives and Ideas of Math to Form the Concept of Probability
Suzuki, Shoji;
PP. 76 - 82
A research on Contents of Study of Disaster Prevention in Elementary Science Class -Based on the Result of Research on Attitude of Teachers in Nursery, Elementary and Junior High School
Sanda, Kouji;
PP. 83 - 88
Development of a Lesson Explaining the Phenomena from Scientific Perspectives and Ideas: Class Practice of Unit "Power Produced by Electric Current" in Fifth Grade Elementary School
Shige, Kazuki;
PP. 89 - 94
A Study of a Class Fostering Perspectives and Ideas through a Causal Relationship: Class Practice of Unit "Let ’s make a moving toy and play together" in Second Grade Elementary School
Ishii, Nobutaka;
PP. 95 - 102
Development of a Lesson Adapting "Fushizukuri" Music Education: Class Practice in Second Grade Elementary School
Nagasawa, Nozomi;
PP. 103 - 110
A Study of Students' Listening Attitude Towards Japanese Traditional Music Appreciation
Senpoku, Mizuho;
PP. 111 - 117
A Study of Collaborative Lessons in the Art and Handicraft Using Clay as Teaching Materials: Through Lesson Practice in Second Grade Elementary School
Matsuzaki, Shinichi;
PP. 118 - 125
Development of Lessons Using Balls Aimed at Deep Learning actively and interactively: Through giving lessons for two games focused on "spatial visions"
Yuasa, Rie;
PP. 126 - 133
Development of lessons on Handball Focusing on "the motions of players without balls": Through Lesson Practice in Third Grade Elementary School
Nakayama, Izumi;
PP. 134 - 140
Development of Units for Foreign Language Activities to Express Students' Ideas: Through a party with students studying abroad
Yonekura, Tomohisa;
PP. 141 - 146
A Study of Health Guidance for Developing the Active Attitudes: Through "An Impact on Mental and Physical Health by Media" in Fifth Grade Elementary School
Narahara, Tamami;
PP. 147 - 154
A Study of Instruction Concerning on Food in Cooperation with Parents: Through Lesson Practice of Unit "Let's Learn How to Hold Chopsticks Accurately" in First Grade in Elementary School
Takahashi, Noriko;
PP. 155 - 160
The Effects of Conversation Activities with "Run, Melos !": Achieving Classes with Conversational and Deep Learning
Nishiki, Eri;
PP. 161 - 167
Making Japanese Classes of Fostering Familiarity with Classics in Junior High School: Using Quizzes about Classical Idioms
Ishikawa, Yoshikazu;
PP. 168 - 173
Political Role and National Welfare: Through the Practice of the Financial Education
Yagiyuu, Daisuke;
PP. 174 - 180
A Study of the Teaching Probability in Lower Secondary Education: Focus on the Notion of "Equally Possible"
Iwachido, Hideki;
PP. 181 - 186
Development of Environmental Education Teaching Materials and Performance Tasks Using Soil: Focusing on Acid Rain and Buffering Capacity of pH in Soil
Furo, Kazushi;
PP. 187 - 194
A Study on Teaching Practice of a Creative Activity on Music Education: Creating a Melody in Attached School from Kindergarten to Junior High School
Suehiro, Mayuko;
PP. 195 - 200
A study on Creating a Teaching Material Collaborated Expression and Appreciation to develop students' quality and competence: Throughout Making a Small Art and its Exhibition from Learning an Artist
Matsumoto, Hiroko;
PP. 201 - 208
A Study on Improving Secondary School Students' Life Skills: In Teaching Practice on Food Additive to 9th Grade
Aratani, Mitsuko;
PP. 209 - 214
A Study on Lessons Integrating Reading with Speaking: Focused on the Effects of Collaborative Learning
Yuki, Kenji;
PP. 215 - 220
A Study on Creating a Lesson Plan Using Familiar Materials in English Education: Aimed for Developing Attitude towards Collaborative Learning
Nishimoto, Kaori;
PP. 221 - 226
A Study on Creating a Lesson to Develop the Ability to Live and Work in Society: Focused on a Teaching Style to Seek for the Meaning of Work Actively and Interactively
Fujii, Shiho;
PP. 227 - 234