The Hiroshima Law Journal
Volume 45
Issue 3
Date of Issue:2022-01-20
current number
ISSN : 0386-5010
(The Society of Law of Hiroshima University)
Legal theoretical examination of the workplace representative function of the labor union (1)
PP. 1 - 30
Criminal Sanction in the Enforcement of China’s Antimonopoly Act
Yang Jichun
PP. 198 - 170
Evaluation of Russia’s new “National Security Strategy”
Sasaki Takahiro
PP. 168 - 141
Social Security Policy from Aspect of Tax-and Financial Law in Japan(5)
PP. 31 - 57
Reform des Gesellschaftsrechts in Deutschland : Über das Gesetz zur Modernisierung des Personengesellschaftsrechts
PP. 132 - 115
A Study on Trends in People’s Mediation in China: Analysis Based on People’s Mediation Statistics from 1986 to 2019
Hailin Dong
PP. 114 - 88
Research Note
Jüngste Entwicklung der Verbrechensbekämpfung in China: Eine japanische Perspektive auf das Datenschutzsystem
PP. 86 - 73
Characteristics and Problems of Prosecutorial Discretion in the United States: A Study of Corporate Crime
Iwao Naoya
PP. 72 - 59