The Hiroshima Law Journal

ISSN : 0386-5010
(The Society of Law of Hiroshima University)
Basic considerations for applying Austrian school law and economics to constitutional law
PP. 178 - 138
The doctrine of “in loco parentis” in public schools
Inoue Yuki
PP. 136 - 118
A Study on Public Security Mediation under China's Public Security Administration Punishments Law: Focusing on the History of the Practice from "Fengqiao Experience"
Dong Hailin
PP. 116 - 85
Research Note
The Nature of the System of Criminal Complicity in Chinese Criminal Law: On the Doctrine of the Unitary Offender System
Chen Runyan Yoshinaka Nobuhito
PP. 84 - 67
Beyond the Witness: Bringing a Process Perspective to Modern Evidence Law (2)
Cheng Edward K. Nunn G. Alexander Yokoyama Yuto
PP. 66 - 49
Note of Case