The Hiroshima Law Journal
Volume 33
Issue 1
Date of Issue:2009-06-30
current number
ISSN : 0386-5010
(The Society of Law of Hiroshima University)
Views on the Appointment System of the Chief judge and Sole Judge in China <Articles>
Meng Xiang Pei
PP. 1 - 13
Lecture of Roman Law by Prof. Dr. Senga Tsurutaro in Taisho Era (3) <Material>
Yoshihara Tatsuya
PP. 64 - 43
The Recent Trend in the Legislation for the Protection of Personal Information in China <Articles>
PP. 112 - 85
The Development of Teaching and Learning of Law-Related Education Concerning Private Law in Elementary School <Articles>
Toriyabe Shigeru Nishimoto Kiyoshi Kawakami Hidekazu Nikaido Toshie
PP. 134 - 114
Divorce-Conflict and Social Control : Legal-sociological analysis on divorcetrend in the former half of the post <Articles>
Otani Tomohiro
PP. 160 - 136