The Hiroshima Law Journal
Volume 33
Issue 2
Date of Issue:2009-10-30
current number
ISSN : 0386-5010
(The Society of Law of Hiroshima University)
Finanz-und Verwaltungsreform, Politikevaluation, Verwaltungsrecht : Zustand und Perspektiven zu Evaluation van öffentliche Politik und Gesetzen in Hinblick auf Politikevaluationsgesetz usw. <Articles>
PP. 1 - 40
Comparative Study of Security Methods for Acount Receivables as Collateral (1) <Articles>
Oshima Kazunori
PP. 41 - 70
Case on Criminal Law : The judgement of criminal responsibility about the defendant who suffers from the Asperger Syndrome and the Dissociative Identity Disorder <Not of Case>
Uehara Daisuke
PP. 71 - 82
Lecture of Roman Law by Prof. Dr.Senga Tsurutaro in Taisho Era (4) <Material>
Yoshihara Tatsuya
PP. 136 - 119
The Recent Trend in the Legislation for the Protection of Personal Information in China (2) <Articles>
PP. 190 - 176
PP. 212 - 191
L'ordre de l'entrprise et l'environnement du lieu de travail au point de vue de la loi du contrat de travail (1) <Articles>
PP. 252 - 213
Ce que la réforme récente de droits de sauvegarde des entreprises nous dit <Articles>
PP. 286 - 254
Divorce-Conflict and Social Control : Legal-sociological analysis on divorce trend in the former half of the post <Articles>
Otani Tomohiro
PP. 316 - 288