Bulletin of training and research center for clinical psychology

Publisher : Department of Psychology, Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University
The relationships of rumination of negative experiences with resilience and social support
Tajima, Kanako; Ishida, Yumi;
PP. 2 - 17
The relationship between inhibiting to consult and friendship in junior high school students: by using questionnaire and Kinetic School Drawing
Masuda, Narumi; Ishida, Yumi;
PP. 18 - 33
Understanding of family support for junior high school student's tendency to school refusal: An attempt using questionnaire method and Kinetic Family Drawing
Nasuno, Reika; Ishida, Yumi;
PP. 34 - 49
The meaning of reviewing photographs taken by self: Aim at features of arts therapy and awareness of self.
Takeda, Nao; Ishida, Yumi;
PP. 50 - 65
Borderline personality traits and the mediation effects of humor: The effects of maternal borderline personality traits
Fuchigami, Masami; Ishida, Yumi;
PP. 66 - 81
資料 第25回 広島大学心理臨床セミナー
Ogata, Akiko; 杉山 雅彦; 松本 俊彦; 開 英治; 井林 秀樹; 神原 広平; 吉良 悠吾;
PP. 82 - 105